Zero Air Generators for
Hydrocarbon Free Air

Features of the Zero Air Series

  • Hydrocarbon Free Air
  • Analytical Grade
  • High Purity High Efficiency
  • Great cost savings
  • Plug and Play installation
  • No Gas Bottles
  • Save money reduce waste
  • Generate only what you need
  • Designed for easy of maintenance
  • All you need service packs available
  • 24 month warranty

Zero Air Generators for Hydrocarbon Free Air.

By simply connecting compressed air, hydrocarbon free-air can be quickly and efficiently generated in house, without the need for cylinders. Our state-of-the-art hydrocarbon removal system, decreases the background noise level and gives the baseline better stability, considerably increasing detector sensitivity and ensuring precise analytical results

Our GC ZeroAir Generator produces dry and hydrocarbon free air, using air from an external oil-free compressed air source. Therefore, avoiding the hassle of traditional cylinders. The ergonomic, compact and silent design makes the GC series of generators the ideal solution for the following analytical applications: GC-FID GC-NPD GC-FPD GC-PFPD THA TOC.

There are five models and two version, standard and Ultra - the Ultra version includes a NOx SOx and O3 filter

ZeroAir Generators use three steps to transform ambient air into analytical grade air.


Compressed air enters the ZeroAir Generator via a high efficiency filter which traps any particles. The filter purges automatically and traps oil, water and particles > 5 microns in size.

HC & CO Trapping

The filtered air then enters a high-temperature platinum catalyzer which, through oxidation, eliminates hydrocarbon molecules to <0.1ppm

Final Filtration

The post-catalyst filter prevents any kind of particles present in the zero air from being passed downstream and into your instrument

NOx, SOx, O3 (Ultra Version Only)

A specialist filter scrubs these out.


Zero Air Generators
Model GC1500
Flow L/min 1.5 3 6 15 30
HC & CO out <0.1
Max CO in 50 ppm
Max HC in 100 ppm
Max Temp In 40°C
Pressure In 4.5 – 10 bar
Pressure drop < 1 bar
Start up time 45 mins
Inlet outlet connection ¼” – 1/8” NPT
Weight 5 9 12 22 22
Power 110-120V 60Hz / 220-250V 50Hz
Dimensions mm 410 x 550 x 230 (w x h x d)
Working Temp. Amb +15°C
Certification CE, CSA, FCC
Power Supply 120VAC 50Hz or 230 VAC 600 Hz

Ordering Information

Model Description Price
GC15000 1.5 L/min Call for quote
Ultra GC15000 1.5 L/min NOx,SOx,O3
GC3000 3 L/min
Ultra GC3000 3L/min NOx,SOx,O3
GC6000 6 L/min
Ultra GC6000 6 L/min NOx,SOx,O3
GC 15000 15 L/m
Ultra GC15000 15 L/m NOx,SOx,O3
GC 30000 30 L/m
Ultra GC 30000 30 L/m NOx,SOx,O3