Twist Lock Electrodes pH Orp Conductivity

tuff pH probe with NPT fitting
  • Adaptor converts pipe T into a "flow Cell"
  • 3/4" MNPT fitting (adapter )
  • Dual O ring seal and locking pin
  • Fast insertion and removal of sensors
  • Adaptors for 1.0" and 3/4" Pipe Tee

Introduction Twist Lock Adapter

The Twist-Lock sensor and adapter is designed to convert a standard pipe tee into a low cost, low maintenance flow-through sensor assembly. Only a ¼ turn is required for field maintenance or sensor replacement; threading is eliminated. The adapter is available in a
variety of materials & connection sizes for easy installation.
The Twist-Lock mounting system provides continuous pH, ORP, or Conductivity monitoring with safe and convenient service capability for any flow-through system. Typical installations include by-pass streams, sample systems, or sensor stations. Available in various materials to suit your process. The image on the far left shows a stainless steel adapter with probe guard protection. The other image shows a standard plastic adapter.


Maximum pressure 150 psi
Temperature Range SS
up to 130°C (266°F)
up to 80°C
O ring material Viton
Adapter Material PVC, Kynar, Stainless
Process Connection 3/4", 1.0" NPT
Top Threads 3/4" MPT
locking pins 304 SS

Ordering Information Adapters

Model Description Price each order online
TPX1600143 Kynar Twist Lock 1" MPT $89.00  
TPX1600143G Kynar Twist Lock 1" MPT with guard $120.00  
TPX1600142 Kynar Twist Lock 3/4" MPT $89.00  
TPX1600142G Kynar Twist Lock 3/4" MPT with guard $120.00  
TPX1500143 Stainless Steel Twist Lock 1" MPT $210.00  
TPX1500143G Stainless Steel Twist Lock 1" MPT with Guard $245.00  
TPX1500142 Stainless Steel Twist Lock 3/4" MPT $210.00  
TPX1500142G Stainless Steel Twist Lock 3/4" MPT with Guard $245.00  
TPX1502203 Stainless Steel Pipe Tee 1" FPT $172.00  
TPX1502202 Stainless Steel Pipe Tee 3/4" FPT $165.00  
TPX1602203 Kynar Pipe Tee 1" FPT $95.00  
TPX1602202 Kynar Pipe Tee 3/4" FPT $85.00