Set Point Generator / Adjuster SG8648

Set Point Adjuster SG9648
  • Red LED display 14.2mm
  • Display pange +/- 9999(0) digit   
  • Indicating range and decimal point free programming
  • Set point adjustment with front buttons or external control signal
  • Set point limit programmable
  • Regulating time programmable
  • Max 2 outputs SPDT relay or transistor
  • Isolated analog output 0/4-20mA or 0/2-10V DC
  • Work with real values! 


The Set point adjuster SG9648 has been designed for generating adjustable set point value signals 0/4 ... 20 mA and 0/2 ... 10 V DC. Any display value can be assigned to the respective output signal. The operator can work with real values. The adjustment speed is programmable.

Programming Parameters are programmed via front-side membrane keypad.

Alarm outputs Switching performance of the alarm output is programmable as minimum or maximum function.

Int. setpoint adjustment The setpoint can be adjusted with front buttons. The adjustment is running dynamically, i.e. the regulating speed increases with the operation time of the buttons. 

Ext. setpoint adjustment The setpoint can be adjusted with external signals. The adjustment is running dynamically or linear. In the linear adjustment mode the speed is constant, i.e. the output signal changes linear. The adjustment time is programmable from 1 to 100 s. 

Power-on-reset Setpoint can be set to the last stored value or to a programmed reset value.

External reset The setpoint will be set to a programmed reset value. 

Analog output Proportional to the display value an isolated analog output signal 0 ... 20 mA/ 0 ... 10 V DC or 4 ... 20 mA/2 ... 10 V DC will be generated. The output signal is limited to the range of the minimum and maximum value. Output changed automatically from current signal to voltage signal depending on burden.

 When ordering, the rain gauge is completely setup to be used. Easy to install, adjustable feet and leveling device integrated. Bird spikes and accesories for raised mounting available.

Rainfaill Graph

Technical Specifications 

Power suppply 230VAC / 115 VAC / 24 VAC / 24 VDC all +/- 10%  - Power consumption 5VA 
Operatng Temp -20 to +55 C 
Input Control   0-24 VDC Ri 6.3K ohm < 4V Low, 8.5V High, hysteresis > 2.5, Max 35VDC 
Transmitter Supply 24 VDC (pnp) Ri approx 150 ohm, max 50mA
Indicating range +/- 9999(0)
Output Relay  SPDT < 250VAC < 250VA < 2A
Output Transistor Max  35V AC/DC, max 100mA, short circuit proof
Analog output 0/4-20mA or 0/2-10VDC max 500 ohm isolated      
Dimension Front 96x48mm, 100mm mounting depth 
Weight 390 grams
Electrical Connection  0.08 to 1.5mm^2 / AWG28 to AWG14 
Protection IP65, terminals IP20 acc to BGV A3

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