Hand held 
Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide & Carbon Monoxide analyzer
for Modified Atmosphere Packaging

The Pac Check 333 is headspace analyzer for use with modified atmosphere packages where the package contains CO ( Carbon Monoxide )


Hand held oxygen monitor

Features of the 333 combined Oxygen and Carbon dioxide and Carbon Monoxide analyzer

  • 0.02-2% Carbon Monoxide
  • 0-100% oxygen and carbon dioxide in a handheld meter
  • Self contained battery operated instrument complete with, sampling needle, filter and built in sample pump.
  • Accurate portable easy to use 
  • Memory for 240 measurements
  • Rechargeable batteries standard
  • Impact resistant case
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Oxygen / Carbon Dioxide / Carbon Monoxide headspace analyzer
Portable and battery operated the "PacCheck 333 is convenient instrument for checking oxygen and carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide concentrations in modified atmospherefood packages. The instrument samples the headspace automatically, with the built in pump, when the sample button is pressed. The unit can store and download up to 240 readings with its internal memory. The instrument is factory calibrated with certified gases and can be re-calibrated from atmospheric oxygen by the user. Periodic re-calibration with a range of calibration gases is available as a service.

Common features 333 headspace analyzer
Sample Volume  < 25 ml, minimum 4ml depends on sample time and headspace volume
Power 100 - 240V +
rechargeable NiMH batteries
Weight 1.7 lbs with batteries and boot
Dimensions 7.5 x 4.3 x 2.3 inches

Built in sample pump
Adjustable sample time 1-90 sec


0.01 %


LCD 128 x 68 pixels


240 data points



Specifications for the Oxygen sensor
Range 0 - 100% Oxygen
Sensor electrochemical type
Accuracy Oxygen Sensor +/- 0.25% absolute or 25 relative whichever is greater

O2 - Automatic 2 point Manual 3 point

Specifications for the Carbon Dioxide sensor
Range 0 - 100% Carbon Dioxide
Sensor Infra Red
Sensor Only
2.0% absolute in the range 0% to 20%
3.0% absolute in the range 20% to 100% 

CO2 - Automatic 1 point manual 2 point


Specifications for the Carbon Monoxide sensor
Range 0.2% - 2% Carbon monoxide
Sensor electrochemical
Accuracy +/- 0.2% absolute or +/-5% relative whichever is the greater

CO -1 point.

Ordering Information
Topac Part Number Description Price indication  
Pac Check 333 O2 CO2 CO headspace analyzer. includes starter pack of 5 filters, 12 needles and 50 septa call ~ $7K
TMO-035166 manual injection port for small samples $225.00  
Supplies needles, filters, septa  

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