Oxygen Monitor for Nitrogen generators and similar applications

teaching tank electrophoresis
  • Monitor oxygen in nitrogen and CO2
  • Continuous monitoring
  • High Accuracy residual oxygen
  • Low maintenance
  • large measuring range 1ppm to 100%
  • Built in self diagnostics
  • Alarm outputs
  • Sample by gas pressure or built in pump
  • Analog output 4-20 mA


oxygen monitorThe ISM is designed to measure oxygen concentration in a pure gas or
gas mixture of inert gas or CO2. The instrument is self contained and easy to install – just connect it to a pressurised tank or use the pump version of the ISM-3 to draw a sample from your process. The ISM uses a zirconia sensor, which provides very accurate a repeatable measurements without saturation over a long period of time.
The ISM-3 is highly accurate and yet simple to use. Typical applications for the ISM-3 are measuring purity levels from gas generators or measurement of the residual oxygen level in nitrogen fl ushing processes.

Specifications - residual oxygen analyzer

Model ISM-3i ISM-3x
Dimensions HxWxD Cabinet: 125 x 185 x 125 mm
Display: 96 x 96 x 20 mm
3 mm bezel for panel mounting
125 x 185 x 160 mm

Weight 3.7 Kg 3.8 Kg
Sensor Type Zirconia
Start up time 10 min. Full specs. after 20 min.
Calibration Interval 12 months recommended
Sensor flow 125 mL/min
Alarms Levels Two O2 concentration alarm settings, system fault alarm (bad gas fl ow, sensor error, etc.)
Alarm Output Relay Max 48 V, 1 A (Common, N.O. or N.C.)
Analog Output Constant Voltage or Constant current
Signal input for external control 10 - 32 VDC external measuring control signal for start/stop of the analyser
Power 110V / 240 Volts AC
Case material Stainless Steel

Ordering Information

Model No. Description Price
Oxygen Monitor with built in display no pump call for quote
ISM-3xP Oxygen Monitor with built in display and pump  
ISM-3i Oxygen Monitor with remote display no pump  
ISM-3iP Oxygen Monitor with remote display and built inpump