Lock and Load Electrode Retraction

protected electrode tip
  • pH Electrode isolation fitting
  • No process interruption
  • Quickly insert or remove electrodes from pipe
  • In line assembly without ball valves
  • Simple 1/4 turn and pull to isolate
  • Available in Kynar, CPVC and stainless steel

All you need to do is Lock-N-Load to install a pH or ORP electrode into any pipeline. This is the first in-line assembly that doesn't require ball valves, cables, or costly, complex hardware to quickly insert or remove an electrode from a pipeline without interrupting the process. The simplicity of its design is what makes it unique. A quarter turn, a pull, and the electrode is isolated from line pressure. The electrode can now be removed to check calibration. Available in a variety of materials including CPVC, Kynar and Stainless Steel. A wide selection of pH and ORP electrodes are available for the retractable sensor assembly.lock and load

pH electrode to fit the load lock pH 0-14 dome bulb, Ryton cap, double junction, solid polymer reference, PT100 ohm ATC, 12mm x 213mm.

Ordering Information

Part No. Material Thread Size Pressure Temperature
T192 CPVC 1½" MNPT 100 psi -5° to 80°C $550.00
T196 KYNAR 1½" MNPT 100 psi -5° to 100°C $895.00
T195 316 Stainless Steel 1" MNPT 100 psi -5° to 120°C $860.00
TPX-V000 pH probe for these fittings with 20 ft cable, BNC and banana plugs. (Other configurations available)       $227.00