HF-38 Fluorimeter for Heavy Metals Testing

Fluorescence based sensing
The HF-38 fluorimeter produces quantitative fluorescence based results

Sensor kit
Disposable color-coded sensors designed for a specific heavy metal test target Kits provide sampling tubes, syringes and cuvettes

Rugged and convenient construction
Tough, light weight, impact and water resistant shell (IP54) protects the electronics

Key pad
Quick, simple menu navigation and one button push for sample analysis

Data capture and reporting
Time and date stamped with sample number. Data downloadable through a USB cable

Battery operated and rechargeable through USB cable

Video training
Embedded instructional video trains users without documentation

Sensors for Lead, Copper, Uranium and Mercury
Made in the USA

The HF-38 Fluorimeter is an extremely sensitive, hand-held, ruggedized instrument designed for field testing of toxic heavy metal contaminates in water supplies. It requires no special skill or knowledge of chemistry to operate. This product is a breakthrough in efficiency, testing accuracy and ease of use. Through the use of DNA sensors, a reaction that fluoresces in the presence of a target contaminate substance, such as lead, is measured to determine the concentration of the target heavy metal and is reported in parts per billion (ppb).

Light source: Light emitting diode (LED)
Detector: Photomultiplier tube
Filters: Excitation 485nm
Emission 535nm
Interface: USB 2.0
Data: OLED displayed or download in csv format
Power: Battery operated (rechargable lithium battery)
Power recharging: via USB cable
Power usage: Battery lasts over 225 tests on a full charge (at 45 seconds per test)
Dimensions: Width: 3.6 inches / 9.14 cm
Depth: 8.0 inches / 20.3 cm
Height: 2.25 inches / 5.72 cm
IP rating: IP54 (water resistant)

Ordering information for HF-38 Fluorimeter
Part No. Description Price

The HF-38 Fluorimeter instrument only - SENSORS MUST BE ORDERED SEPARATELY $2250.00
28110 Copper sensor KIT, low level, 20 - 200 ppb (25 pk and accessories) $365.00
28111 Copper sensor KIT, high level, 0.3 - 3.0 ppm (25 pk and accessories) $365.00
28112 Lead sensor KIT (25 pk and accessories) $365.00
28113 Mercury sensor KIT (25 pk and accessories) $520.00
28114 Uranium sensor KIT (25 pk and accessories) $462.00
28117 HF-38 carrying case $125.00
28118 Spare syringes and buffer tubes (25 ea) $35.00
28119 Filtration KIT for non-potable water (25 filters and syringes and
self-standing sample tubes)
28120 Dilution KIT, for samples outside the linear range of the HF-38, including 5ml pipette, 25 dilution tips, 50ml self-standing sample tubes, and reagent grade water $168.00
28121 Dilution KIT refill supplies (same as 28120 but without pipette) $31.00


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