Dissolved Oxygen Meters with real time data logging

  • Dissolved Oxygen Meters and Kits
  • Galvanic and polargraphic probes
  • Smart Probes contain calibration data
  • Integral Temperature Sensor
  • Port for external PT100
  • Real Time Data Logging
  • Store and Download Data logging
  • Max Min and Avg functions
  • Automatic Pressure Compensation
  • Kits include meter, probe, calibrator, electrolite, instructions and hard shell case
  • PDF Data Sheet
The HD2109.1 and HD2109.2 are portable instruments with comprehensive data logging capabilites. They measure the concentration (in mg/l) of dissolved Oxygen in liquids, the saturation index (in %) and the temperature using SICRAM (smart probes). Both polarographic and galvanic probes with two or three electrodes and integrated temperature sensor can be used. Temperature can also be measured with an external Pt100–SICRAM sensor or with direct 4 wire–immersion, penetration, contact or air probes. An internal pressure sensor, the instruments automatically compensate for barometric pressure.
The electronics provide automatic compensation of the Oxygen probe membrane permeability and of the salinity of the liquid being examined. The SICRAM smart probes are preprogrammed with factory calibration data and are automatically recognized by the hand set.

The HD2109.2 is a datalogger. It stores up to 18,000 dissolved Oxygen concentration, saturation index measurements, barometric pressure and temperature samples which can be transferred from the instrument to a PC via the RS232C and USB 2.0 serial ports. The storing interval, printing, and baud rate can be configured using the menu. Both models are fitted with an RS232C serial port which can transfer data to a PC to a printer in real time. The Max, Min and Avg function calculates the maximum, minimum or average values. Other functions include: the relative measurement REL, the Auto-HOLD function. These instruments provide a very comprehensive range of capabilities for measuring dissolved oxygen in almost any environment.

Manometer Specifications

Model HD2109.1 HD2109.2
Measured Parameters mg/l O2, sat.% O2, mbar, °C, °F
Measuring Range Dissolved Oxygen 0-90mg/l
Resolution 0.1 mg/l
Accuracy ±0.03 mg/l ±1 digit (0…90% 1013mbar, 20…25°C)
Measurement of the saturation index of dissolved Oxygen 0.1%
Resolution ±0.3% ±1digit (in the range 0.0…199.9%)
Accuracy ±1% ±1digit (in the range 200.0…600.0%)
Measurement of barometric pressure
Measurement range
Accuracy ±2mbar±1digit between 18 and 25°C
±(2mbar+0.1mbar/°C) in the remaining range
Salinity Setting  
Range 0.0…70.0g/l
Resolution 0.1g/l
Temperature measurement with the sensor inside the dissolved Oxygen probe  
Measurement range 0…+45°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Accuracy ±0.1°C ±1digit
Drift after 1 year 0.1°C/year
Temperature measurement by Instrument with external Pt100 probe  
Pt100 measurement range -200…+650°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Accuracy ±0.1°C ±1 digit
Drift after 1 year 0.1°C/year
Temperature Compensation Automatic 0…50°C
Input for Oxygen and temperature probes 8-pole male DIN45326 connector
RS232C serial interface 8-pole MiniDin connector
USB interface MiniUSB type B
Mains adapter 2-pole connector (positive at centre)
4 1.5V type AA batteries
200 hours with 1800mAh alkaline batteries
Power absorbed with instrument off
With dissolved oxygen probe
Mains (SWD10) Output mains adapter 12Vdc / 1A
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 185x90x40mm
Weight 470g (complete with batteries)
Display 2x4½ digits plus symbols
Visible area: 52x42mm

Computer Interface and data logging

Measured Value Storage 2000 pages containing 9 samples each
No of Samples 18,000 samples composed of 4 parameters: mg/l O2 - %O2 - mbar - (°C or °F)
Storage Interval 1s, 5s, 10s, 15s, 30s, 1min, 2min, 5min, 10min, 15min, 20min, 30min and 1hour
Serial Interface RS232  
Baud Rate Can be set from 1200 to 38400 baud
Data bit 8
Parity None
Stop bit 1
Flow Control Xon/Xoff
Serial cable length Max 15m
Print Interval Immediate or selectable between: 1s, 5s, 10s, 15s,
30s, 1min, 2min, 5min, 10min, 15min, 20min, 30min
and 1hour
USB 1.1 - 2.0 electrically isolated

Ordering Information

Model Description Price each  
2109.1 DO Meter - Standard model with RS232 interface and softwarefor real time transfer to a PC $495.00
2109.2 DO Meter - with RS232 and USB datalogging and software storage memory for 18000 samples, Min Max Avg $655.00
DO9709SG DO Probe Galvanic, include temperature sensor, calibrator, spare membrane, zero solution, and electrolyte, 2m cable $445.00
DO9709SG4 As above but with 4m cable $520.00
DO9709SM DO Probe polargraphic, include temperature sensor, calibrator, spare membrane, zero solution, and electrolyte, 2m cable $565.00
DO9709SM5 As above but with 5m cable $595.00
  Optional Accessories  
SWD10 110-240 Volt adapter 12VDC 1A $75.00