General Purpose handheld oxygen meter


  • O2 in air 0-100%
  • 1 button calibration
  • compensate for pressure and temperature
  • Min Max Value Readout
  • Easy calibration to atmospheric air
  • Easy to replace sensor
  • Automatic Power Off
  • Simple general purpose oxygen meter.


This simple device uses and electochemical sensor to measure the oxygen concentration in gas mixtures and air. The opening of the sensor allows the local air to diffuse into the sensor. The unit can be calibrated in fresh air (atmospheric oxygen concentration is 20.59%.)The reading is automatically compensated for temperature. The reading needs to be compensated for air pressure and this can be done during calibration by entering the local air pressure on the keypad.


Range 0 - 100% vol. oxygen in air
Sensor Electrochemical oxygen-partial pressure probe, mounted in external sensor housing, M16x1 connection thread.
Accuracy calibrateddevice at nominal temp.: ± 0.1 %O2 ± 1 digit
Sensor linearity: < 2 vol.-% +/-0.1%; < 25 vol.-% +/-0.5%; < 100 Vol.-% +/-1.0%
Response Time 90% in < 10 sec., depending on temperature
Min/Max min and max measured value are stored
Sensor connection 0.7 m jack-connector cable
Working Pressure 0.5 to 2 bar absolute
Over under pressure max. 0.25 bar (pressure difference )
Working Temperature 0 ... 45 °C (sensor), -20 ... +50 °C (device )
Relative Humidity 0 - 95% RH
Power Supply 9V Battery
Power Consumption ~120 uA (over 2500 hr)
Display 3½-digit, 13 mm high LCD-display
Housing ABS
Dimensions approx. 106 x 67 x 30 mm (H x W x D )
Weight 185 g

Ordering Information

Model Description Price  
GOX-100 Oxygen monitor, external sensor, tube adapter. T piece and manual $350.00