General Purpose handheld air oxygen meter with
data logging and analog output


  • O2 in air 0-100%
  • Data Logging
  • Analogue Output
  • Alarm function
  • Waterproof
  • Easy calibration to atmospheric air
  • multi point calibration
  • pressure compensation built in barometer
  • Min Max Value Readout
  • Easy to replace external sensor
  • Automatic Power Off.


This oxygen meter uses electochemical sensors to measure the oxygen concentration in gas mixtures and air. The instrument comprises and electronic meter with display, controls, data output, data logging and 3 external sensors type to measure oxygen concentration in ambient air or in a pressurised environment within 0.25Bar of ambient pressure. A built in barometer provides the pressure compensation for the measurement. The unit can be calibrated in fresh air (atmospheric oxygen concentration is 20.59%.)The reading is automatically compensated for temperature

The instrument can be calibrated to atmospheric air or alternatively can accept a three point calibration for greater accuracy (requires calibration gases typically zero oxygen and high oxygen )/p>

Data Recording (manual)
Up to 1000 readings (data sets) can be stored in the handset.This is implemented by pushing key each time you want to record the measured data.
Each data set includes
-oxygen concentration % Vol
-oxygenpartial pressure in hPa or mmHg
-temperature value at the time of recordingin °C or °F
-absolute pressure in hPa abs or mmHg abs
-measuring point L-Id (only for “Func-Stor”)-time and date of the recording

Data Recording (Automatic)
Up to 10000 data sets cab be logged automatically at time intervals between 1 sec and 1 hour.
Each Data Set contains:
-oxygen concentration % Vo
l-oxygenpartial pressure in hPa or mmHg
-temperature value at the time of recordingin °C or °F
-absolute pressure in hPa abs or mmHg abs

Universal Output
The output connector can be use for a USB connection to a PC (need accessory USB5100) or as an analog output 0-1VDC

Sensor Options

GGO oxygen sensor for measuring at or close to atmospheric pressure. This in enclosed sensor and relies on diffusion of the gas into the sensor compartment
G00370/380 oxygen sensor for measuring in gas streams at atmospheric pressure, The body is vented so the gas stream passes over and around the sensor. This prevents pressurization of the sensor and gives a faster response to a gas stream
GGA oxygen sensor for use in pressurized systems, The sensor pressure port is connected directly to the instrument pressure port to provide pressure compensation for over or under pressure.
(0.25 Bar max pressure difference)

Sensor Specifications

Models GGA/GGO/GOO 570 GGA/GGO/GOO 581
  Best accuracy in the range 0.2 to 35 % use when there is high level of CO2 in gas Use for full range 0-100% O2 when there is little or no CO2 present
Measuring Range    
  Partial Oxygen Pressure 0 ... 1100 hPa O2 0 ... 1100 hPa O2

  Oxygen Concentration

0-100% 0-100%
  Response time <10s <10s
Accuracy (at 25 °C, 1013 hPa)    
   <2 % O2 ±0.2 % O2 ±0.1 % O2
  <25 % O2 ±0.5 % O2 ±0.5 % O2
  >25 % O2 ±0.5 % O2 2% of reading
Operating Conditions 0 ... 45 °C 0 ... 95 % RH (non condensing)
Ambient Pressure 0.6 ... 1.75 bar abs.
Over/under pressure max. 0.25 bar (pressure difference sensor membrane to ambient - sensor screwed-in
Storage Temperature -15 ... +60 °C

Electronics Specifications

O2 Concentration 0 - 100% vol. oxygen in air
O2 Partial Pressure 0 ... 1100 hPa O2 / 0 ... 825 mmHg O2.
0.0 ... 1100.0 hPa O2 / 0.0 ... 825.0 mmHg O2
(resolution can be selected in menu)
Temperature -5.0 ... +50.0 °C
Air Pressure 300 ... 5000 hPa abs *)
   O2 concentration: O2 concentration: ±0.1 % ±1 digit
   Temperature emperature: ±0.1 °C ±1 digit
   Air Pressure ±3 hPa or 0.1 % of m.w. (higher applies)
Connections 7-pin bayonet connection
Port for pressure connection *)
Sensor GGA5 / GGO5 / GOO5 with
elements GOEL 370, 381 etc.
Output OUT jack:
- 38400 baud interface
- Analogue output 0 ... 1 V,
- 5 V external supply
Display 4 ½ digit, 7-segment, illuminated (white)
Operating Conditions 25 ... +50 °C; 0 ... 95 % RH (non-condensing, sensor min. -5 °C)
Power Supply 2x AAA battery, power consumption: 0.9 mA
Battery Life ~1000 hr without illumination
Ingress Protection IP65/IP67
Housing ABS
Dimensions 160 x 86 x 37 mm (H x W x D) including protective silicone case
Weight approx. 250 g, including battery and protective case
Whats included Meter, batteries, protective silicone case, manual, quick guide, USB adapter, software

Ordering Information

Model Description Price  
GMH-5695 Oxygen meter, silicone boot USB adapter, software instructions (choose sensor below) $785.00
Low or no CO2    
  GGO 581 0-100% oxygen closed sensor $295.00
  GGA581 0-100% oxygen with closed sensor with pressure connection $370.00
  GOO581 0-100% oxygen with open flow though sensor $340.00
High CO2 environments    
  GGO 570 0-100% oxygen closed sensor best accuracy in the range 0.2 to 35% $270.00
  GGA570 0-100% oxygen with closed sensor with pressure connection best accuracy in the range 0.2 to 35% $325.00
  GOO570 0-100% oxygen with open flow though sensor best accuracy in the range 0.2 to 35% $310.00