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Digital Panel Meters
DC Voltage BCD output 4.5 digits
(Sorry no longer made -call for equivalents)
Asahi Digital panel meters from Asahi Keiki
offer impressive specifications, reliability
 and low cost for a variety of applications
AP341      Features
  • BCD output (option)
  • 200mV - 200V measurement
  • 4.5 digit
  • Compact size
  • Bright 14.2 mm red LED
  • AC 180-264V,  AC 90~132 V 
  • Screw terminal
Input Configuration Single Ended
Input Bias Current 100PA
Conversion Rate 2.5 /sec
Normal mode rejection more than 50dB (50/60Hz)
Zero Stability Automatic Zero Adjustment
Display LED 14.2mm 4 1/2 digit
Polarity "-" automatic
Decimal point Set to any position
Overrange indication 0000 flashing
Power Supply AC 90 - 130 Volts
AC 180 - 264 V

Operation temperature 0~ 50 C, 35 - 85% RH
Power Consumption 2.0A
Dimension mm H x W x D 36 x 72 x 110 mm DIN size
Weight Approx 230 gm
Dielectric Strength AC Type
input (lo) terminal to ground DC500 V.
Power supply terminal to input terminal, ground, common and case AC 1500 Volts for 1 min.
Insulation Resistance DC 500V 100 MOhm at above terminals
BCD Data Output (isolated from input (lo))
At open collector  
Measured Data negative logic transistor "ON" at "1"
Polarity Signal transistor "ON" at plus input
"Over" Signal Transistor "ON" at overflow input
Printing command signal Transistor "ON" for approx 1 ms at every measurement completion
Transitor output capacity NPN Applied Voltage 30 Volts max, current 10 mA max.
Saturated output voltage less than 1.2 V at 10 mA
At TTL level
Measured Data Tri state parallel BCD positive logic latch output
Polarity "1" level at plus input
"Over" Signal "1" level at overflow input
Printing command signal Positive pulse of ~ 1 msec at every measurement completion
Each signal above TTL level Fanout=2
Each of the above signals can be changed to negative logic
DC Voltage Measurement
Accuracy +/- 0.03% of reading +/- 1 digit (23 C +/-5 C
Model Range Maximum Resolution Input Impedance Input Protection view shopping cart
AP-341-11 +/- 199.99 mV 10 uV 100 MOhm +/- 250 V  
AP-341-12 +/- 1.9999 V 100 uV 100 MOhm +/- 250 V
AP-341-13 +/- 19.999V 1 mV 1 MOhm +/- 250 V
AP-341-14 +/- 199.99 V 10 mV 1 MOhm +/- 500 V
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Ordering Information
AP-341-xx-XY-Z Use the part numbers above for the range xx and add the following final characters to designate the power supply 'X' and output option 'Y' and output type 'Z' view shopping cart
X Affix 1 AC 90 - 132 Volts    
X Affix 2 AC 180 - 264 Volts
Output Option
Y Affix 1 No output option $212.00
Y Affix 2 BCD $316.00
BCD Output type
Z Affix 1 None $212.00
Z Affix 2 BCD (TTL) $316.00
Z Affix 3 BCD open collector $316.00

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