Digital Panel Meter
2 Channel
Set Point Comparator with Digital
and analog outputs
and USB option

Asahi Digital panel meters from Asahi Keiki
offer impressive specifications, reliability
 and low cost for a variety of applications
AMH-763      Features
  • Two input channels A&B
  • Several functions - A-B, A+B and more
  • Conversion rate 1 to 4000 per second
  • Includes sensor power supply 24VDC, 40mA
  • Power AC 100 - 240 Volts
  • Direct setting function
  • Data output BCD, RS232, RS485 USB,
  • Analog output
  • Relay or photo-coupler comparator output
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DC Voltage Measurement
Accuracy ± 0.1% of full scale. (23°C±5°C, 35-85% Relative Humidity)
Modes Range Display
Max Allowable
input voltage
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- ±1V offset
Full scale

1 MOhm ± 250 V Add item to shopping cart
- ±10V 1 MOhm ± 250 V
- ±5V 1 MOhm ± 250 V
- 4-20 mA 50 Ohm ±70 mA
General Specifications
Measurement function Specify one measuring range from DC voltage, current ranges below.
Input Circuit Single Ended
Operation method dual slope
Input Bias Current 100 pA
Conversion Rate 1 to 4000 samples per second
Normal mode rejection > 50dB (50/60Hz)
Display 7 segment LED, 14.2 mm red
monitor sub display LED 8mm green
Memory Backup E2PROM
Polarity "-" automatic when result is negative
Decimal point Set to any position
Over-range indication 'OL' LED flashes
Maximum Display  +/- 99999 ( 5 digits )
Decimal point set to any position
Zero Display Reading "zero" suppression
Power AC 100 - 240 Volts 50/60Hz 20VA
Dielectric Strength between power terminal and each input terminal, comms terminal and control terminals
500 V DC 1 minute
1500 VAC 1 minute
Insulation Resistance DC 500V 100 MOhm at above terminals
Anti Vibration half amplitude 10-55 Hz 0.15mm XYZ sweep in each direction 5mins x10
Weight 400 g
Dimension mm H x W x D 96 x 48 x 144.5 mm DIN
Sensor Power supply built in 24V DC, 40mA, ripple 100 mV p-p
External Control
Hold Shorting between COM and S/H terminal or "0" level
Start  Open between COM and S/H terminal or "1" level
Digital zero Value just before COM and DZ terminals are shorted, or input is set to "0", is displayed as "zero" and that value is stored
Peak Hold Respective function is activatedd when COM and PH terminals are shorted or input level is set to "0"
Valley Hold
Peak Valley Hold
Pattern selection Anyone of eight patterns is settable in combination of COM terminal with any of P SEL terminals 0, 1 and 2
"0" level less than 5 volts
"1" level 3 - 30 volts
input current less than -5 mA

Control Method Computation by microcomputer

K=a constant
A = input channel 1
B = 1nput channel 2

{(A-B)/|B|} x 1000
B/A x 1000
(B/A-1)x 1000

Comparison Condition  
High/High limit set-value < measured value HH
High/High limit set-value > measured value HI
High/High limit set value      
High limit set value
>/= measured value>/= Low/Low limit set value
Low limit set value
Low/low limit set-value > measured value     LO
Low/Low limit set-value < measured value     LL
Comparison output Relay
contact capacity
250 Volts AC 1.0 resistive load
30 Volts DC 20 mA resistive load
Photo-coupler output sink current 20 mA max )less than 30 V.
Output saturation voltage < 1.2 Volts at 20 mA
Optional Outputs
BCD output (isolated from input (LO))
Connector 34 pin MIL standard
Output BCD signal
Control Input
Allow output (ENABLE)
COM and the short ENABLE each output is OFF
(Open Collector: transistor OFF, TTL: high-impedance)
ON voltage: 0 ~ 0.8 V, OFF voltage: 3 ~ 5 V, input current: -0.5 mA:
NPN open-collector output:
DC30V 10mA (MAX) saturation voltage output: 1.2 V:
TTL output: Positive logic, TTL level (CMOS-compatible) 2 fanout
Resolution Allow output (ENABLE)
Measured data Negative logic
NPN open-collector outpug
Transistor output capacity Applied Voltage 30 V max, Current 10mA max.
Output saturation voltage less than 1.2 V at 10 mA
TTL output is also available
USB (isolated from input (LO)) and RS232
Connector B connector (Rev 1.1/2.0) RS232 - DSUB 9 Pin
Communication method Virtual COM port (USB)
Synchronous method Asynchronous
Transmission speed 9600/19200/38400 bps
Start Bit 1 Bit
Data length 7,8 Bit
Error detection Even parity
Stop Bit 1,2 Bits
Parity Even Odd protection
Operating systems supported Windows XP-SP2, Vista (32 bit)
RS485 (isolated from input (LO))
Synchronous method Asynchronous
Transmission speed 9600/19200/38400 bps
Data length 7,8 Bit
Error detection BCC (Block Check Character) Check sum
Stop Bit 1,2 Bit parity; even, odd protection
Cable length up 500 m total
Number of connection (daisy chain) up to 31
Analog Output (isolated from input (LO))
Any display range to output analog signal can be set
Resolution 16 Bits
Output Response < 0.5 secs
Output Resistive load Accuracy
23 degs C +/- 5 degs
1 to 10 V > 10 KOhms +/- 5% full scale 50 mV p-p
1 to 5 V > 10 KOhms +/- 5% full scale 50 mV p-p
4 - 20 mA 0 - 500 Ohms +/- 5% full scale -
AM749 connections
Ordering Information
AMH-763-VA-1-XY Use the part numbers below to select your output options. view shopping cart
Affix X
Data Output
1 = None
2 = BCD
4= RS232
Affix Y Comparator Ouput

1 = relay
2 = photo

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