Sterilizable Stainless Steel
Dissolved Oxygen Electrodes


Sterilizable DO electrodeStainless steel autoclavable dissolved oxygen electrode

Features of Stainless Steel DO probes

  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Sterilizable for fermenters
  • Polarographic and Galvanic Electrodes
  • Models for all common fermenters
  • Choose length to suit your applications
  • Membrane service kits
Membrane Kit Dissolved OxygenMembrane kit with electrolyte T for DO electrodeSample cell

Dissolved Oxygen Electrodes

Steam sterilizable dissolved oxygen electrodes are specifically designed for fermentation applications where the DO electrodes are subjected to repeat steam sterilization. A unique feature of the Polarographic electrodes is the easily replaced membrane cartridge. The membrane is of special construction - a silicon and teflon composite reinforced with stainless steel mesh. This design is extremely rugged and ideal for use in extreme conditions such fermenters. The electrode can be operated without maintenance for 5 to 10 sterilizations, fermentation cycles - or 6 to 8 weeks.
The Biolaffitte type galvanic DO electrodes features FEP Teflon membranes

The polarographic dissolved oxygen electrodes are availble with or without automatic temperature compensation. They are designed to match the Ingold IL oxygen amplifier. Temperature compensation is not normally required when calibration is made at the same temperature that the Fermenter will be controlled. ( without variation )


Specifications Stainless Steel Dissolved Oxygen Probes

Type Polarographic Polarographic Polarographic Galvanic Polargraphic
Model 0251P25 0251P26 0251P27 025BG25 025NG25
Cathode Pt Pt Pt Ag Ag
Anode Ag/AgCl Ag/AgCl Ag/AgCl Pb Pb
Response 98% 60 Secs 98% 60 Secs 98% 60 Secs 98% 60 Secs 98% 60 Secs
Stability < 2% < 2% < 2% < 2% < 2%
None Yes Yes None None
0 - 80°C 0 - 80°C 0 - 80°C 0 - 80° 0 - 80°C
130°C 130°C 130°C 130°C 130°C
< 1nA < 1nA < 1nA 0.5 - 1mV < 0.4 uA
Output 50 nA 50 nA 50 nA 35 +/-10 mV 10- 15 UA

Ordering Information DO Electrodes

Make up complete part no. as follows Sensor Type + Temperature compensation + length + mounting
Sensor Type Temperature
0251P Polarographic
Stainless Steel
25  Non xxx 01 3/8" male NPT thread, 
14 mm diam body. Fig A4
025BG Galvanic LSL Biolaffite, Phoenix and Applikon compatible 26 For Ingold 03 3/4" NPT male thread
19 mm diam body. Fig A3
025NG Polargraphic, Clarke 27 Phoenix, Cole Palmer, B&C, Consort- Topac 05 M18 x 1.5 male thread 
(LSL Biolaffite & Applicon Headplate 16 mm diam. Fig A2
  07 19 mm socket flange
19 mm Diam. Fig A1
08 25 mm socket flange
19 mm body. Fig A5
10 12 mm body diam 
straight body. Fig A6
11 12 mm body diameter, 
PG 13.5 thread Fig A6


Many custom configuration call for details and pricing