Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen Electrode

  • Delrin Body
  • Polarographic and Galvanic Electrodes
  • Choose length to suit your applications
  • Easy to replace cartridge membrane assembly
  • Pipe adaptors
  • Membrane service kits

Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen Electrodes 

Membrane Kit Dissolved OxygenDelrin body dissolved oxygen probes are available 12 mm diameter x 110 mm length. The active area of the probe is on the bottom surface. Probe is available with flanged top for use with the 1/2" NPT pipe adaptor shown above, or with a standard top for laboratory use. The probes can be supplied with built in Pt1000 or Pt100 temperature sensor. The standard cable length is 3' and standard connector is a BNC for operation with the DO meters. Other probe and cable lengths can be made to suit your application.
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Pipe Fittings 

Pipe fittings for standard 12 mm probes item 4 makes an 'o' ring seal to the body of a standard 12 mm diameter probe and has a 1/2" NPT thread. 
Item 5 is a shield to protect a submersible probe, it has a 3/4" FNPT thread to attach to a 3/4" MNTP pipe
( Drawing shows conductivity probes but these fittings can be uses with any 12 mm  probes )

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