Multichannel Data Logger for Electrochemistry

pH/Conductivity / Salinity / Ion / Temperature/
Dissolved Oxygen /
A comprehensive measurement system for electrochemisty the D230 is easy to configure and use. It is a modular system than you can start with as few as 4 channels and expand up to 448 channels. It works with most commonly available electrodes.
Electrochemistry Data Logger

Features of the D230 Electrochemistry Data logger

  • Monitor any combination of sensors
  • Data logging for pH/mV/ion/DO/conductivity/temperature.
  • All functions accessible through the virtual screen on your PC
  • Individual screens for each channel
  • Graph and tabulate stored data
  • Daisy chain up to 16 units for 448 channels
  • Every channel has its own temperture input
  • All channels logged simultaneously
Rack mounted unit with 7 modules 
BNC inputs for probes and banana sockets for temperature
The D230 is a mulitchannel data logger for electrochemistry. It is built up by a series of 4 channel modules. There can be up to 7 modules per 19" rack thus providing up to 28 channels in a single rack. Furthermore the system can be extended by daisy chaining up to 16 racks for a total of 448 channels. The minumum requirement for operation is a single 4 channel module inside a single rack. There are two different types of modules. One for pH, mV and ions and the other for conductivity and dissolved oxygen. The modules can be mixed inside the rack to suit your requirements. All channels have their own associated independent temperature channel. The system is incredibly flexible providing a comprehensive and expandable data logging capability for all the common electrochemical parameters.
Electrochemistry Data Logger
Modular System
The electrochemistry data logger is a modular system housed in a standard 19" rack. There are two different types of modules
Type 1 - 4 channel pH/mV/Ion/Oxygen + 4 temperature channels
Type 2 - 4 channels conductivity/salinity + 4 temperature channels
All parameters including setup and calibration are controlled through the computer with a single RS232 connection. Up to 7 modules (28 channels can be loaded into one unit. Up to 16 units can be  daisy chained together to increase the total number of channels to 448
One or two point Calibration
Selectable resolution from 0.001pH to 0.1pH

Automatic calibration with any of nine pre-programmed and two user specified pH buffers.
Features mV calibration for accurate ORP measurements
Selectable resolution from 0.1 mV to 1 mV.
Direct concentration measurement.
Shows concentration in any unit.
Ion mode is easily calibrated with any two standards and a blank correction
Six conductivity ranges (common for all channels per module). 
Five salinity ranges (common for all channels per module).
Use a 1 cm-' cell to measure from 0.1 _S/cm to 200 mS/cm.
Use a 0.1 cm-' cell to measure from 0.01 _S/cm to 20 mS/cm. 
Use a 10 cm-' cell to measure from 1 _S/cm to 2000 mS/cm. 
Selectable reference temperature: 200 or 25°c.
Automatic cell constant determination with any of three preprogrammed standards or a user specified standard.
Dissolved Oxygen
Selectable resolution from 0.01 ppm/ 0.1% to 0.1 ppm/ 1%.
Rapid air calibration, no zero calibration required.
Manual salinity compensation 0-40 g/l.
Manual air pressure compensation 800-1200 hPa
Manual or automatic temperature compensation.
Calibrates temperature probe for quality measurements.
Data acquisition
The software package supplied with the D230 is specially designed to control, collect and store data. Runs under Windows 2000 or higher.
All channels are processed at the same time, each in its own window.
The software automatically detects the maximum number and type of available channels.
Data is collected at an interval determined by the user (4 seconds up to... 24 hours).
Data Tables
Data is always stored in a table.
Each module has its own programmable table containing an unlimited number of lines (maximum depends on available computer memory).
Comments can easily be added to each line in a special information column.
Start/Stop logging
Data-logging can start/stop automatically or at a programmable date/time.
Data-logging can be stopped or continued at any moment.
By using a program-key, the data-logging will start automatically after opening the program.
Data, which is stored in the internal memory of a connected instrument, can also be read and processed.
All data is saved in a user defined file. Just open the file to view, process or print the stored data.
The incoming data from the RS232 port can be stored immediately in a file. 
All measurements can be saved in TXT format which is easily transferred into spreadsheets.
Graphs are generated using automatic or user defined settings.
The number of visible values can be changed at any time.
Programmable alarm limits for each graph permit to print a report indicating when limits have been exceeded.
Shows statistics about minima, maxima, averages etc...
The style of each window can be set up separately. Choose fonts, colors etc...
Printouts will show:
- file name.
- date and time.
- name of the operator.
- name of the company.
- name of the division.
- description of the instrument.
- serial number of the instrument.
- optional notes by the operator.
All settings are stored in a configuration file.
Model D230 Electrochemistry Data Logger Specifications
MODES pH 0...14 pH
mV +/-2000 mV
Ion   0.01 ng/l...99.9 g/l
Oxygen   0...60 mg/l (0...600%)
Conductivity  0...2000 ms/cm
Salinity  0...100g/l
Temperature 0...100°C
RESOLUTION  pH/mV 0.001 pH / 0.1 mV
Oxygen   0.01 mg/l (0.1%)
Conductivity  0.01 S/cm
Salinity  0.01 mg/l
Temperature  0.1°C
CHANNELS pH/ mV/ Ion/ Oxygen 4.. .28
Conductivity  4...28
Temperature 4...28 for Pt1000
INPUTS  pH/ mV/ Ion/ Oxygen BNC,10 to the12 power
Conductivity  BNC
Temperature  2 banana, for Pt1000
Auto. or Man.
pH/mV 0.1 % +/- 1 digit
Oxygen 2  % +/- 1 digit
Conductivity 0.5 % +/- 1digit
Salinity 0.5 % +/- 1digit
Temperature  0.3°C
pH / Ion  1...2 points
Buffers  9 pre-programmed
2 user specified
ISO-pH  6...8 pH
Slope  80...120%
mV  1 point
Oxygen  1 point
Cell Constant  0.1/1/10 cm' +/- 50%
Temp. Coefficient standard curve
Ref. Temp.  20° or 25°C
Cat. Solution  0.01/0.111 M KCl
Temperature  +/- 10°C
DATA-LOGGING  Values / channel  unlimited + date/time
Interval  4 s ... 24 h
POWER SUPPLY  Mains 110...250 VAC
DIMENSIONS        WxDxH 483x238x133 mm
WEIGHT  12 kg