Electrophoresis Power Supplies

teaching tank electrophoresis
  • Multiple Safety Features
  • 4 output pairs - runs up to 4 gel units simultaneously
  • Programmable (CS500 & CA3AMP
  • Bright clear displays
  • 3 models to choose from
  • 500Volts, 800mAmps, general purpose
  • 300Volts, 3000 mA, for high current electrophoresis
  • Electrophoresis Enhanced in-built safety
    features Alarm function
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Stackable Design
  • 110/240 Volt powered
  • Automatic crossover


Mini CS-300V
At 700mA and 150W, the CS- 300V offers a specification comparable to any midi power supply presently available on the market. The CS-300V is perfectly suited to use with all Cleaver Scientific horizontal multiSUB™ systems and omniPAGE mini vertical gel units, and may also be adapted for specialist techniques including the Comet Assay, and clinical and high throughput horizontal electrophoresis. Microprocessor control with four sets of power terminals allow simultaneous operation of as many electrophoresis units either at a constant voltage or current setting, while the timer function may be set continuously or up to a maximum 999 minutes when an alarm sounds to signify termination of the run. A user-friendly interface houses a conspicuous 3-digit LED to aid set up, as well as a convenient ‘pause/resume’ key, a particularly useful feature during extended runs when it is necessary to access the gel tank to monitor buffer levels and sample migration. Given its high specification and remarkable versatility the CS-300V is relatively inexpensive, and versatile power supply.

Maxi CS-500V
500 volt electrophoresis power supplyWith a maximum 500V, 800mA and 300W voltage, current and power output, the omniPAC CS-500V MAXI is an excellent general purpose power supply that fits the broadest range of electrophoresis applications, and can run as many as four units under a constant or programmable setting. Its capacity to store up to 30 programmed files, each with 6 steps, makes the CS-500V perfect for techniques that benefit from subtle and gradual stepwise changes in the electrical parameters as the run progresses, such as DGGE and large format vertical PAGE using Cleaver Scientific’s VS20-DGGE and WAVE systems. A large 2.6” LCD screen shows within 2 lines the real-time values of the electrical parameters during the run, along with the program file and individual step in operation, enabling the user to appraise the entire run at a single glance

Maxi CS-3AMP
high current electrophoresis power supplyAt 300V, 3000mA, 300W, the omniPAC MAXI CS-3AMP is designed for virtually all high current electrophoresis applications. The CS-3AMP’s higher current output capability is perfect for electroblotting units with high-intensity plate electrodes, particularly Cleaver Scientific’s omniBLOT maxi, VS20 WAVE and semi dry blotting systems. Electrotransfers may be performed as timed runs in constant or programmable mode to prevent overheating and buffer depletion, although a run time extendable to a maximum 9999 minutes in constant< mode also favours overnight transfers undertaken at constant low current in wire electrode systems. The two-line 2.6” LCD screen allows the experimental parameters, program file and step to be viewed within a single screen during each run, while the CS-3AMP’s four power terminals and robust current and power outputs make it suitable for high throughput SDS-PAGE using multiple vertical systems.

Electrophoresis power supplies specifications

Model CS-300V CS-500V CS-3AMP
Safety No-load detection; sudden load change detection; overload detection; ground-leak detection; over- voltage, current & temperature protection; maximum power output detection; shrouded plugs and sockets
Conforms to CE Marked, Furthermore, these power supplies adhere to IEC 61010 – one of the world’s most stringent electrical safety standards.
Voltage 2-300 Volts 10-500V 5-300V
Current 1-700 mA 1-800 mA 10-3000 mA
Power 150W max 300W 300W
Timer 1-999 min with alarm; continuous Constant mode: 1-9999 min. with alarm; continuous.
Programmable mode: 1-999 min. with alarm; continuous.
Display 3 digit LED 2.6” LCD, 2-line 2.6” LCD, 2-line
Programming   Up to 30 programmable files, each with 6 steps
Operating Conditions Ambient-40°C; ≤95% humidity
Line Voltage 110 / 240 Volts AC
Dimensions 190x305x95mm, weight 2.5 kg (5.5 lb)

Ordering Information

Model No. Description Price
300V Power supply, 110V/240V, includes cables and instructions. $725.00
CS500V 500V Power supply, 110V/240V, includes cables and instructions $1550.00
CS3AMP 300V 3APower supply, 110V/240V, includes cables and instructions $1250.00