Serva HPE Isoelectric Focusing System 2D Flat bed Electrophoresis

  • Flat Bed 2D isoelectric focusing
  • Compatible with all types of flatbed gel electrophoresis
  • IEF, SDS, Native PAGE, Nucleic Acid Separation
  • Highest resolution achieved using premium quality ceramic cooling plate
  • Thin polyacrylamide gels, format up to 260 mm x 205 mm
  • Broad range of precast gels for versatile applications available
  • Complete range of reagents and consumables for self-casting of flatbed gels available
  • Stackable up to 4 units simultaneous operation.
  • IQ/OQ/PQ qualification on request
  • Replacement of MultiPhor II™*: compatible format


• Isoelectric Focusing
Horizontal isoelectric focusing requires high voltage. For best separation a system with high
cooling efficiency is a must as provided by the HPE™ BlueHorizon™ resulting in unmatched
resolution. Protocols for many applications available such as agriculture (e.g. maize, wheat,
sorghum, carot, potato), veterinary (e.g. pork, cattle, turkey, chicken), food (e.g. meat, cheese,
pasta) and health (e.g. MS, EPO, antibodies).
• CSF Separation
The identification of oligoclonal bands (OB) in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) continues to be the
most sensitive diagnostic test for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). With the HPE™ BlueHorizon™ and
the precast IEF gels for CSF, SERVA offers a reliable system delivering the highest resolution and
• EPO Differentiation
For characterization of natural and recombinant erythropoietin (EPO) in QC (pharma) or
doping control (NADA/WADA) the EPO Test/Doping Kit allows horizontal, IEF based sample
separation. After electrophoresis the separated protein bands can be blotted onto a membrane,
e.g. by pressure blotting. Secure verification of EPO isoforms is then done by immunodetection.
• Blank PRECOTES™/PreNets™ and Blank FocusGels
Blank PRECOTES™ /PreNets™ and Blank FocusGels can be equilibrated with every carrier
ampholyte for highest flexibility. It allows e.g. the usage of very basic ampholytes and equilibration
of the acrylamide gel matrix with urea for denaturing IEF applications.
• 2D Electrophoresis
Horizontal 2D electrophoresis combines many advantages like higher resolution with up to
25 % more spots or much lower buffer consumption compared to traditional vertical systems.
Easy handling is guaranteed due to the film-backed stabilization of the gels, available in
3 different formats.
SDS PAGE carried out in horizontal orientation is a valuable option to replace common vertical
SDS PAGE. SERVA delivers precast small and large format gels up to 255 mm x 200 mm. Efficient
temperature control leads to superb resolution. Low buffer consumption, precast slots and
easy handling of the film-backed precast gels are other benefits of the horizontal method.
While most precast gels for SDS PAGE contain a neutral buffer system, the SDS TA gels come
with a tris/acetate buffer system showing comparable band patterns like the Excel™ gels from
GE Healthcare. For separation of tissue extracts, caseins and more.
• The SDS Urine Gel is optimized for urine protein separation and delivers reliable and reproducible
results in horizontal gel electrophoresis. This kit allows simultaneous analysis of up to 25
samples including marker lanes, the maximum loading volume is 15 μl.
• Native PAGE
Blue and clear native PAGE allow the usage of horizontal large format gels, film-backed for
easy handling. Standard native PAGE and 2D native PAGE are feasible to separate large
membrane protein complexes.
• Nucleic Acid Separation
Horizontal separation of DNA fragments in polyacrylamide gels can be performed with highest
resolution by applying adequate buffer systems offered by SERVA. For SSCP analysis
precast CleanGels will be re-hydrated with DNA Disc Electrophoresis Buffer shortly before
• 3000V, 150mA, 150W power supply - enables desired Volt-hours for focusing to be attained faster at maximum voltage (option )


4 level high precision flat bed electrophoresisThe HPE™ BlueHorizon™ is a flatbed system for horizontal electrophoresis using precast gels, self-cast gels and gel strips. The main applications are isoelectric focusing (IEF - like CSF, seed and food analysis, EPO, separation of antibodies and other recombinant proteins), SDS and native PAGE, 2D electrophoresis as well as separation of nucleic acids. The HPE™ BlueHorizon™ flatbed electrophoresis system provides unmatched resolution, reproducibility and sensitivity – the first true "High Performance electrophoresis (HPE)" system

The HPE™ BlueHorizon™ is a very flexible system that can easily be extended to a two-, three- or four deck combination, all under the control of a single power supply and chiller. The tower set-up is secured with stabilizing feet and clamps which lock the individual units together. For bi-directional electrophoresis a unit equipped with a three-electrode lid is available.


Voltage Max 3000 V
Current Max 25 mA
Maximum Gel Size 260 x 205 mm
Electrode Distances 270 mm, 195mm and 115mm
Temperature Operating Range 4 °C to 30 °C
Dimensions HxWxD 450 x 120 x 115 mm
Weight 6 Kg

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