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Flexible Purge baffles for curved surfaces - developed by Walter Schnorrer
These baffles are designed for use on flat plates and sheets and inner and outer curved seams The baffle attaches to the sheet with vacuum suction chambers on either side of the purge channel. They can be mounted in any orientation. The baffles are used to contain and distribute the purge gas in the region of the weld root. The environment in the root of the weld typically needs to contain less than 50 ppm of oxygen in order to prevent oxidation. The purge baffles can be used alone or in conjunction with an oxygen analyzer to ensure a good welding environment on the back side of the weld.

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Flexible Purge Baffle

Features of flexible purge baffles for curved seams

  • Use for all purge gases in MIG/MAG, TIG and plasma welding processes
  • Vacuum attachment to any flat or curved surface without extra fixturing
  • Reduces purging time saves gas
  • Ensures uniform distribution of the purge gas.
  • Heat resistant seals to 340 degs C (Plus type)
  • Laminar gas flow from built in diffuser.

Principle of Operation
The purge gas is directed into channel running down the center of the purge unit. The baffle is held in position on the back of the seam with vacuum suction chambers, one on each side of the flexible purge channel. The unit is easy to move and reposition because there is no fixturing.

Specifications and Ordering Information
Standard length flexible vacuum attach purge baffles
Flexible Purge Baffles
Length - mm Length inches Model Price Guide
400 mm 16 FLEX400 Inquiry form
500 mm 20 FLEX500
600 mm 24 FLEX600
700 mm 28 FLEX700
800 mm 32 FLEX800
Larger sizes per 100 mm 4  

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