Vertical Gel Electrophoresis - Gel Casting
for the new style GRM
  • 1.) Glass plate stops - serve as an immoveable barrier, locking the glass plates firmly into position on the casting base
  • 2.) Single screws - act, as they are tightened, with a silicone dovetailed gasket to apply an even pressure across the height and breadth of the gel that prevents the inner gel chamber from leaking
  • 3.) Casting base - re-engineered with deeper recesses to accommodate soft silicone seals which sit flush with the bottom of each glass plate
  • 4.) Silicone seals - form a leak-free seal as the glass plates are dragged onto the casting base
  • 5.) Cam pins - turned clockwise to drag the glass plates firmly onto the silicone seals within the casting base
1. Place each plain glass plate on a level bench surface, followed by the spacers and then the notched glass plate 2. Insert the glass plate cassette into the gel-running module (GRM), placed on its side on the bench, and lightly tighten the screws - repeat for the other cassette by turning the GRM on its other side 3. If not using plain glass plates with bonded spacers, get a spacer aligner to align the spacers flush with the vertical edges of the plain glass plates before tightening the screws within the GRM
4. Run your forefinger along the bottom edge of the glass plates to ensure that they are flush with bottom edge of each spacer - if not, repeat step 3 5. Lower the assembled GRM onto the casting base with the cam pins pointing downwards into the bench surface 6. Turn the cam pins through 120° to secure the GRM onto the casting base - as you turn the cam pins you will experience increased resistance
7. Carefully insert the appropriate comb allowing the gel to set for at least 30 minutes 8. After carefully removing the combs, release the GRM by turning the cam pins in the opposite direction on the casting base 9. Place the GRM into the gel tank, ensuring that there is sufficient buffer to cover the bottom of the glass plates
10. Fill the inner buffer chamber within the GRM so that it just covers the top of the gel - the gel is now ready to be loaded
11. Replace the lid and insert the power cables into the power supply, making sure that it is first switched off - the unit is now ready for electrophoresis

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