Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Systems
10cm High Capacity "OctiPage" Mini

  • Compare data from up to eight independent gels
    run within two PAGE inserts
  • Unique sliding clamp technology facilitates rapid interchange between casting and running inserts
  • Run eight gels in the tank whilst casting another
    eight gels simultaneously, to keep the tank in
    permanent use and maximise throughput
  • Run eight, Blot eight! - optional blotting insert
    has double the transfer capacity of the market
    leader, eliminating bottlenecks between PAGE and blotting
  • Suitable for precast gels, and available in a
    selection of customised packages with optional
    blotting insert and specialist power supply
  • Cooling prevents distortion and smiling gels
  • Fully shrouded connectors on safety lid
  • Gold plated terminals resist corrosion
  • Integrated gel casting system with casting base
  • Float glass plates ensure uniform gel thickness and straight sample migration
  • Combs color coded according to thickness - 1mm white, 1.5 mm red, 2.0 mm blue

Based on the 4-gel capacity of the CVS10TETRAD system, the Octi-Page takes electrophoresis one step further by allowing eight single gels to be run within two individual inserts. By using the standard CVS10 mini-vertical plain glass plate with bonded spacer (VS10PGS1) and notched glass plate (VS10NG) configuration, the researcher not only benefits
from being able to compare data between single gels run within the same tank but is also free of the complications that
sometimes occur when opening and processing double-gel cassettes or triple-plate sandwiches.

Two casting bases are supplied to cast up to 8 gels within two running inserts which are then transferred to the
tank for electrophoresis. While electrophoresis is underway, time may be then spent casting another 8 gels using the two
casting upstands in tandem with the casting bases. Once the first electrophoresis run is completed, the CVS10 mini-vertical’s unique sliding clamp technology allows the newly cast gels to be switched quickly and easily from the casting upstands to the running inserts, keeping the tank permanently in use for maximum throughput.

Number of gels 1-8
Precast gel compatibility (Up to 2 gels/run) IDGel, Novex, SERVAGel, Thermo Precise Pierce Protein Gel
Plate dimensions (w x h x t) 10x10x0.2cm
Gel Dimensions (w x h) 10 x 8 cm
Total buffer Volume for 2 gels 500 ml
Standard run time for SDS-PAGE 1-2 hours at from 90-225V
Recommended power supplies NanoPAC-300; CS-300V; CS-3AMP for blotting
Unit Dimensions (w x d x h) 15x15x14cm
Weight 3 Kg

Variants Ordering Information

Octi-Page Mini-Protein Electrophoresis Package for commercial precast gels, includes 2 running modules ( CVS10DIRM), 1 x tank ( VS10DP) lid and power cables $775.00 shopping cart

Octi-Page Mini-Protein Electrophoresis Package for 1mm self-cast gels, includes:
2 running module, 1 large tank
4 x 12 samples 1mm combs
4 pairs of plane glass plates , 4 pairs of notched glass plates
4 pairs of notched glass plates with 1mm spacers
4 pairs of plane glass plates with bonded 1 mm spacers
2 x external casters
2x dual casters

Change Thickness Change the last digit of the part number above to change the comb and spacer thicknesses in the package to 0.75 or 1.5 or 2.00 $935.00
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