Eco Friendly Sealed Wet Electrode Grinder

  • Perfect grinding angles for TIG
  • Longtitudinal grinding on edge of wheel
  • Tip/Flat preparation
  • Accepts up to 8mm diam electrodes
  • Stand included
  • Eco friendly operation
  • Collects dust particles in disposable container
  • Electrode angles 15 to 180 degrees
  • Precise electrode positioning
  • Longer electrode life
  • Polished surface for easier striking
grinding angle adjustment

This patented wet grinder ULTIMA-TIG is an environmentaly friendly way to produce perfectly accurate angles on tungsten electrodes for perfect TIG-welding.
The grinder is constructed with a unique disposable container that automatically collects all toxic dust particles, eliminating the need for separate exhaust systems. (The container must be disposed of in accordance with local requirements.)

Cold wet grinding combined with the diamond wheels high grinding speed ensures that the tungsten electrode always has a polished and even surface. With ULTIMA-TIG you will achieve the exact angle that you require. A special locking device positions the electrode precisely, and the grinding is carried out in the correct longitudinal direction along the electrode. A precise angle is not only important to the quality of the welding seams but it increases the number of re-ignitions between grinding, thus prolonging the electrode life. ULTIMA-TIG is easy to use. Place the electrode in the electrode holder, adjust
the pointer to the required grinding angle and insert the tungsten electrode into the combined stick-out and locking device. After the grinding has taken place you can, if needed, fl atten the tip by placing the electrode clamp in the 90Ā° position.
ULTIMA-TIG is available in 220V and 110V and comes complete with a 2 metre cable, 250ml bottle of grinding liquid, diamond wheel, electrode clamps (1.6 mm - 3.2 mm), electrode holder, disposable container complete with liquid and a stainless steel stand. ULTIMA-TIG is CE marked and meets all current EU regulations


Rotation Speed 8500 rpm
Grinding Speed 44 m/sec
Motor 380 W

Select Voltage
110 VAC
220 VAC

Grinding Angle 7.5 to 90 degrees continuously adjustable
Electrode Angle 15 to 180 degrees
Shortest electrode 8 mm
Electrode Collets Standard 1.6mm (1/16"), 2.4mm (3/32"), 3.2mm (1/8")
Optional 4.0mm(5/32"), 4.8mm (3/16"), 5.3mm, 6mm, 6.4mm (1/4")
Weight 35 lbs
Warranty 1 year


Ordering Information

Model   order
ULTIMAT-1 Grinder complete with 1.6,2.3 and 3.2mm collets, grinding liquid, and catcher bottleĀ  $2595.00