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  Continous Flow Turbidimeter
Laboratory Turbidimeter STANDARD FEATURES:
Fast and Easy Calibration:
Verification in seconds while a complete primary calibration can be completed in less than 5 minutes.
Low Volume Sample Chamber:
Low volume sample chamber (30ml) reduces calibration costs and provides quick response times.
Low Maintenance Fail Safe Design:
Simple Modular Design.
Easy to Use and Service.
Bubble Rejection System:
Eliminates Bubbles without delaying the response time.
Modular microprocessor based technology ensures high quality at the industry's lowest price.

Made in the USA  Optional Features:
Automatic Continuous Ultrasonic cleaning allows for the first EPA Accepted Automatic Cleaning OnLine Turbidimeter.

RS-485 with Modbus:

Digitally connect with high speed Modbus communications.

Online Software:
Allows logging, comparisons, graphs and data acquisition for up to 256 online turbidimeters into a PC.
Remote Display:
Allows remote monitoring up to 500 feet away.

Introduction to the Hf MicroTOL Online turbidimeter

Leading edge Microelectronic Technology combined with 30 years of optical measurement expertise has allowed HF Scientific to become the leader in regulatory reporting turbidimeters.  The HF MicroTOL On-Line Turbidimeter has been specifically designed to meet regulations of the EPA and ISO 7027.  Features include fast and easy calibration, verification in seconds, low maintenance, fail safe design which ensures your instrument is always reading accurately, bubble rejection system, optional automatic continuous ultrasonic optical cleaning system, and a data acquisition software system that allows logging and data storage for multiple turbidimeters.

The sensor consists of a rotational flow through assembly with a 30ml cuvette. The specially designed flow head bubble rejection system eliminates the need for a bubble trap and ensures an immediate response time. The sensor is also able to accommodate grab samples. Calibration and standardization is accomplished using small volumes (30ml) of reusable primary standards in a cuvette. The Primary Standards are reusable for multiple online turbidimeters and are interchangeable with laboratory turbidimeters. The calibration procedures can be completed without disrupting the sample flow. The lamp source and detector are not in contact with the sample, thus eliminating false low readings. The turbidimeter enclosure
is NEMA 4X (IP66) and suitable for outdoor installation.

Cleaning (100NTU units)
Light Source

White light is recommended for use in turbidimeters reporting results under US EPA (US standard) jurisdiction. HF scientific has developed NEW krypton filled white light technology with lamp life expectancy up to 10 years. Infrared light is recommended for use in turbidimeters reporting results under ISO 7027 (European standard) jurisdiction. Infrared light is also recommended for waste water final effluent and industrial applications where color is present in the sample stream.
Ultrasonic Cleaning System
Keeps the optical chamber
clean in finished or raw
water applications.
A complete primary calibration can be
completed in less that five minutes
Range: 0 - 1000 NTU
Measurement Principle: Nephelometry (90)

2% of reading or 0.015 below 40 NTU

5% of reading above 40 NTU

Resolution: 0.0001 Selectable
Response Time:

Adjustable (5 to 500 seconds)

0 to 1000 NTU

Standard Outputs: 4-20 ma Galvanic Isolated or RS-485
RS-485 Protocols: Modbus, HF Simplebus, HF OnLine Interface
User Alarms: 2 User selectable high/low Alarms
Light Source: White Light or Infrared (850nm LED)
Operating Temperature: 0-50C (32 to 122F)
Input Pressure: 1 - 200psi (built in regulator set at 15psi)
Enclosure: Nema 4X, IP66
Display: Multiline Custom LCD (backlight option)
Certifications: USEPA, ISO 7027, CE Approved, ETL Listed to UL 3111-1 and ETL Certified to CSA 22.0 No. 1010-1-92

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