Portable Turbidimeter
Features of the Micro TPI portable turbidimeter
  • Completely Self-Contained - contains everything you need, including battery pack, manual, and calibration standards
  • Auto Ranging 0 - 1100 NTU
    Instrument senses turbidity level of sample and automatically adjusts to the appropriate measurement.
  • Rugged Portable Carrying Case ensures durability and convenience no matter where your sample happens to be.
  • Water proof housing allows sample measuring and cleaning in any wet environment.
  • Simple Calibration Procedures - calibration initiated with the push of a button ensures accurate readings.
  • Economical - over 1000 Tests on a single set of 4 - AAA alkaline batteries.
  • Laboratory Accuracy.
  • Made in the USA
Introduction to the Hf MicroTPI portable turbidimeter
Water clarity is an important determinant of the its condition and productivity. Turbidity is a measure of water clarity. Nephelometers measure the intensity of light scattered by contaminants such as suspended and colloidal matter like clay and silt, and microscopic organisms. Turbidimeters using the nephelometric principal compare the light scattered due to contamination with the light scattering from a standard reference suspension. The result is a measurement of turbidity in NTUs - Nephelometric Turbidity Units.

The Micro TPI is designed to provide the ease of portability needed in the field with rugged durability, this is an ideal instrument for anyone monitoring turbidity on the go. The shock-resistant carrying case holds everything needed for field operation while the instrument itself removes easily to go wherever you need it. With resolution of 0.01 NTU and an extended range to 1,100 NTU, the MicroTPI is a great instrument for field use.
The MicroTPI includes carrying case, one set of calibration standards, indexing rings, 4AAA alkaline batteries, operators manual and measuring cuvettes with light shield caps.

39845 (previously 19855) Calibration Kit .02,10,100,1000 NTU 
19856 Cuvettes with light shie1dcaps, 3 pack 22664 Batteries, 4 pack
24571S Rechargable Battery Pack with external 120v charger

Specification - Portable turbidimeter
Conformance: ISO 7027
Measurement Range: Auto-Ranging from 0 - 1100 NTU 
Principle Nephelometric
Certification CE, NEMA 4x. Designed to meet IP67
Accuracy 0-500 NTU
Accuracy 500 -1100 NTU
+/- 2% of reading or +/- 0.01 NTU
+/- 3% of reading 

0.01 NTU < 10 NTU
0.1 NTU < 100 NTU
1 NTU < 1100NTU

Response Time:  6 to 16 seconds
Display: 4 Digit (7 segment) LCD
Light Source:  IR - LED (860nm)
Power Supply: 4 - AAA Alkaline Batteries (overlOOO Tests)
Sample Cells:  10mL
Materials:Instrument Case:
Carry Case
ABS - Injection molded
High density Polyethylene blow molded
Shipping Dimensions  28x30.5x7.6cm (11" X 12" X 3") 
Shipping Weight 1.22 kg (2.7Ibs)
Ordering Information   

Model MicroTPI-W
White LED EPA compliance
0-1100 NTU, includes case, set of calibration standards, indexing rings, cuvettes, batteries, and instructions 

Model MicroTPI-R
RED LED ISO compliance
0-1100 NTU, includes case, set of calibration standards, indexing rings, cuvettes, batteries, and instructions 
39845 (peviously 19855) Calibration Kit .02,10,100,1000 NTU 
(note this item is included in the purchase of a new instrument above)
Spare Parts  
19856 Cuvettes with light shie1d caps, 3 pack  $49.00

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