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Digital Torque Gauge
Digital torque force gauges measure the turning force applied to the probe. Suitable for a wide range of applications.
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Features of the 5030 Torque Gage
  • Direct reading torque
  • Ranges for 20 Kgf/cm and 100 kgf/cm 
  • Complete with  probe and other adaptor tips
  • Readout in Kgfc, Nm or lbs-in
  • Built in memory, analog and digital outputs
  • Portable works with NiCd battery, built in memory backup
  • Plot load graph on the LCD screen
  • Record sample name and lot ID plus time and date
  • Download data to your PC or printer with RS232 serial interface
  • Customize the display to read up down or across the LCD screen depending on the orientation of the unit
The Aikoh 5030 and 5031 torque gauges use a precision  The unit displays real time torque data on the LCD screen in any of the common force units - lbs-in kgf-cm or N-m. The display can be orientated in portrait or landscape mode to suit the orientation of the unit. The instruments can be set up to record a series of measurements and to tabulate and plot peak values and averages. High and low limit values can be set up for quality control and inspection operators.
General Specifications 5030 series torque gauges
Measuring time 500 times/sec
Display Dot matrix LCD 128 x 64
A/D transducer 16 bits
Analog output +/- 2 Volts for full scale
Digital output RS232
Environmental temperature 0- 40 degs C
Power NiCd batteries
Battery operation 10 hrs continuous
Weight 500 gm
Auto power off selectable 1 - 20 mins
5030 Series portable digital torque gages
Conversions 1 N-m = 8.85 lbf-in = 0.102 kgf-m
Model 5030 5031
Capacity +/- +/- 20 Kgf-cm +/- 100.00 Kgf-cm
+/- 2 N-m +/- 10.000 N-m
+/- 18 lbf-in +/- 90.00 lbf-in
0.5% 0.5%
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5030 $3050  
5031 $3750

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