Choosing the right refractometer for your application
The Refractometers on this page and most other Refractometers can be considered as belonging to one of 4 main groups depending on their specification, and the way in which they are going to be used.

Group 1 - Small instruments.
These are small handheld or palm size instruments costing from $200 to $2000. Typically these Refractometers cover portions of the Brix range low middle or high. or they have other application specific concentration scales - wine, protein, urine specific gravity, antifreeze, battery acid and others. These small instrument can be subdivided into two types. 
Hand held manual Refractometers $150 - $500
You hold these up to the light and look through the eyepiece. These are inexpensive but more cumbersome to use than an electronic type. They don't need batteries or power so they can be used anywhere anytime - at least in daylight. 
Small Electronic Refractometers $750 - $2000.00
These cover the same range as the manual types - they are the electronic 'replacements' for the manual type. Because they are digital and produce a readout they are less prone to operator error. Typically they include automatic temperature compensation.
Use group 1 instruments for non critical applications, quick checks, back up and portability. Ideal as personal instruments for QC personnel traveling to different locations.

Group 2 Laboratory Refractometers $5000 - $7000
These Refractometers are much more robust than the small electronic units. They have a better underlying accuracy (expressed as the index resolution - typically at least 0.0001) which translates into a better Brix accuracy 0.01 - 0.05. Many regulations specify Brix to the first decimal place so using a refractometer with a basic accuracy better than 0.1 is important. Group 2 Refractometers are simply more accurate and better built than the small units. They have sapphire prisms and sealed optics. A computer interface is usually a standard feature for printing and data download. Productivity features include flow through modules and temperature stabilization accessories
Use group 2 instruments for quality control, record keeping and heavy workloads. If you make 100s of tests per day you should choose from this group

Group 3 High Performance Laboratory Refractometers $7000 - $11000
High performance Refractometers have the same robust construction as the laboratory types in group 2.  The accuracy is at least 0.00002 with a resolution to the 5th decimal place 0.00001. Instruments in the group may include the full index range out to 1.70000 and electronic temperature control of the sample area. Advanced features include computer interfacing, custom programming of concentration scales and interfacing with polarimeters.
Recommended for research and demanding application which require high accuracy and temperature dependent data.

Group 4 Inline process Refractometers $8000 - $11000
Process Refractometers are designed for inserting into pipelines or vessels to monitor a process variable (typically dissolved solids) which is refractive index dependent. There are two types. The first type is self contained with a flange mounted refractometer head and a remotely mounted electronic console which communicates with the sensor displays the data and can produce auxiliary outputs in analog or digital format. The second type is an index transmitter. In these Refractometers the optics and electronics are all contained in a compact flange mounted unit. The refractometer produces a digital and analog output ready for transmission to a PLC or other controller.

Group 1 Small Refractometers

All types - for Brix, Urine, specific gravity, protein in serum,
salinity, antifreeze, alchohol, wine, industrial fluids oils etc. Inexpensive. 

Hand held Brix Refractometer
AR200 - high resolution/accuracy lab refractometer  
Outstanding price performance for temperature compensated index, Brix, urine specific gravity and albumin in serum. PC link, NIST standard, upload special scales.
 Highly recommended - optional PC docking station upload your own scales
Abbe Refractometers are highly reliable instruments which measure Refractive Index. Compared with other types of refractometers, the Abbe refractometers are capable of measuring liquid and solid samples such as plate glasses, plastic sheets, and other solid films.
Brix/RI-Chek Digital Pocket Refractometer
A versatile refractometer that raises the bar for performance and value, the r2mini is easy to operate and provides quick results. The r2mini has an IP65 Dustproof/Water resistant rating so it can be used in virtually any environment.
Wine Refractometers
Wine refractometer, Oeshsle,
Recommended - everything you need for wine
Digital Clinical Refractometer 
Urine Specific Gravity
TS400 Clinical: urine specific gravity, protein concentration in plasma or serum, and total solids in other aqueous solutions.
Group 2 Laboratory QC
Workhorse laboratory unit. Excellent value 0.01 Brix, 
0.0001 index. Best choice for heavy traffic quality control applications
ATR- Touch Series
High-performance robust Refractometer for the determination of mixing ratios and quality, quantity control of solutions. Resolution: 0.00002 RI / 0.02 % Brix  or 0.00001 RI / 0.01 % Brix
ATR-P Touch
Critical angle refractometer ATR-P is especially designed for applications in the sugar industry. Complete system consists of the PURE-S measuring head and the "L-Display" electronic unit. 0.00001 RI /  0.01 % Brix 
High Resolution Automatic Lab Refractometers ATR-SW Series
The ATR SW seriesRefractometers are microprocessor controlled, high resolution critical angle Refractometers for measuring the optical density of a wide range of liquid media from low to high viscosity, and independent of opacity and color. .

Highly recommended unique dual orientation
In our view best value on the market today for price/performance
Group 3 High Performance
Spectroscopic Refractometer
Measures refractive index at 7 discrete wavelengths and interpolates the full spectral range. 1.33 to 1.7
NEW - amazing specifications first refractometer to provide detailed wavelength data.
ATRW Series
Variable temperature refractometer with full index range up to 1.7000
High performance research laboratory and QC applications.
NEW - highly recommended wide range. Latest instrument with electronic  temperature control.
Digital multiple wavelength refractometer DSR-L
The digital, fully automatic spectral refractometer DSR-L consists of an electronic unit separated from the stainless steel measuring unit. Dispersion measurement at 7 wavelengths over the full visible range. A sample volume of 0,3 ml is sufficient for measuring. The refractometer is equipped with a Peltier thermostat (no external water bath/thermostat necessary). Multiple wavelength digital refractometer for dispersion measurements.
  Group 4 Process Control
  process refractometer Process Refractometers
Programmable with custom concentration scales, fit into any pipe or vessel. Analog and digital interfacing.
  Process Refractometers
index - transmitters

Analog and digital output signals for interfacing with PLC or computer control system.
  In-line Refractometers
These in-line models can be incorporated in piping of manufacturing plants, liquid mixing devices, and washing apparatuses to continuously measure the concentration of various liquids. They are suitable for use in the control of mixing, concentration, fermentation, and control of the concentration of water-based or alkali-based detergent, etc.

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