The ThermaPro is a self contained data logger, thermal profiler, designed to travel with your product inside of an oven, blast freezer or chiller and to log temperature from up to 16 different locations. The ThermaPro data logger is extremely rugged and is protected by a thermal barrier selected for suitability to the process being monitored

ThermaPro in-situ data logger

  • Monitor process efficiency
  • From -200°C to +900 °C
  • Diagnose process problems.
  • Records temperature on up to 16 channels.
  • Data Logging with Windows software. 
  • Works with E, J, K, N, and T thermocouples.
  • Store up to 14000 data points / (for 16 channels ).
  • Long battery life.
  • Range of thermal barrier jackets to suit different  applications.  


Insitu temperature data logger
ThermaPro Data Logging Concept

datalogger downloadThermpro is a data logging system designed to transit, along with the product being processed, through ovens, chillers and blast freezers. The data logger itself is protected from the extreme temperatures of the process by ruggedized electronics and a thermal barrier jacket place around the casing. Individual thermocouples connected to the logger can then be placed into the products so that you obtain temperature information for every moment of the process. The temperature history recorded in the data logger can then be downloaded and viewed with the Windows software. There are no connections from the logger to the outside world so it can travel through the cooking or other process along with the products. The result in a very detailed history about what happens to your products during processing.
The data logger being loaded into its thermal barrier jacket. The thermal barriers are an important part of the system. They provide the protection for the electronics in the high and low temperatures used in food industry processing. Choose a thermal barrier based on the time and temperature duration of the run.
Selection of thermal barriers to suit different processing temperatures
Thermal Barriers Dimension in mm
TB20 20 x 175 x 175
TB24 24 x 175 x 175
TB40 40 x 180 x 180
TB60 60 x 210 x 210
TB80 80 x 220 x 260
TB120 120 x 260 x 300
Data Logging Software
Windows software provides simple logger set up with full graphic display of up to 16 channels. User defined annotations allow text to be added to the  graph. An information window on the screen shows the shows the time and data values for the position of the cursor.
Data logging input channels
Temperature Range for different thermocouple inputs
Type Range, Degrees C
E -270 to + 1000
J -210 to + 1200
K -270 to + 1372
N -270 to + 1300
T -270 to + 400
The ThermaPro can accept common thermocouple inputs as well as voltage and current inputs from other sensors. It is available with 4, 8 or 16 input channels.

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