'T' Type Hand held Digital Thermometers
Use 'T' type for best accuracy
-40°F to +660°F

Modern - Digital - Ergonomic
From hot ovens to cold chillers the 2000 series range of digital thermometers are suitable for all temperature measurement applications in the food and other industries. Models for spot check measurement and data logging.
The instruments on this page use either K type or T Type Thermocouples. 
Other types - MultiPurpose - any thermocouple

K type - wide range general purpose

Features of the 2000 series digital thermometers

  • Temperature readings within seconds
  • Backlit display easy to read in any lighting conditions
  • Display hold - holds the last reading at the touch of a button
  • Splash proof housing
  • Long battery life ~ 500 hrs
  • Auto zero calibration
  • Large LCD display
  • Rugged molded case
  • 2 year warranty
  • Data logging models

Wide range of temperature probes
The 2000 series digital thermometers accept a wide range of temperature probes to suit your application. The probes can be identified with a color coded tab system so that your operators can easily associate a given probe with a specific job.
K Type probes offer a wider temperature range and are less expensive than T type probes. T Type probes have a higher accuracy than K type probes

Comparison of T and K type - Thermocouples
Choose T type thermocouples for high accuracy for applications such as food processing and storage.
Choose K type for wider temperature range
Type  Thermocouple Materials Temp Range Tolerance
K Type  Nickel Chromium/Nickel Aluminum
-200°C to + 1250°C
-328°F to 2280°F
-40C to + 1000C +/- 1.5C or +/- 4%
-40F to 1830F +/ 2.5F
T Type Copper/Copper-Nickel
-200°C to + 400°C
-328°F to 750°F
-40°C to + 350°C +/- 0.5°C or +/- 0.4%
-40°F to 660°F +/ 1.0F or +/-1%
For these instrument the T type thermocouples are selected  for +/- 0.2°C over the range - 20°C to + 70°C
2000 Series Digital Temperature Meters Common Specifications
Resolution 0.1 deg C from -199.9 to +299.9
Battery type two AA or equivalent
Battery life 500 hours ( alkaline battery )
Low battery check warning on display
Out of range indication included
Cold junction compensation included
Automatic switch off after 12 minutes
Dimensions 155 x 67 x 40 mm
Weight 6.4 ozs /180 gms
Environmental specifications IP65 (IP67 optional)
Choose a meter T type Digital Meters choose T type probes below
Price  $215 $215 $316 $316
Model 2006T 2006TF (°F) 2086T 2086TF (°F)
Sensor type T T T T
Speed read     x x
C/F degs °C °F °C °F
Hold x x x x
Range Lock    
Max/Min     x x
Logging     x x
Range °C -250 to + 400°C   -250 to +400°C  
Range °F   -418 to +752°F   -418 to +752°F
Choose a probe T type probes
Part No TC
Temp C/F
Probe Description Diameter Probe length $  
mm inches mm inch
T0334 0.3 375/700 air probe 3.3 0.15 150 5.9 $83  
T0684 0.4 250/480 surface probe 8 0.3 150 5.9 $85
T0234 0.6 375/700 general purpose penetration. Color coded tabs 3.3 0.15 150 5.9 $81
T0112 0.5 375/700 Hypodermic low damage probe. 1.8 0.07 60 2.4 $83
T0258 1.3 375/700 frozen food probe 5 0.2 150 5.9 $102
T0000 0.5 250/480 fridge probe with PFA insulation wire $40
T0834 0.5 100/212 long flat probe for sliding between packs 3.3 0.15 150 5.9 $85
4CODE Set of color coded probe tags for any probe $4
Choose a Kit including meter and probes
2006TFK Standard meter, °F, with general purpose probe ( shown in image above) $300.00 Add item to shopping cart
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