Online Head Space Analyzers for Oxygen and Oxygen / Carbon Dioxide with gas mixing and flow control on-line O2 CO2 analyzer cotroller
The TGC is a total gas control system based on on-line head space analysis of the residual oxygen and or oxygen/carbon dioxide in Modified Atmosphere ( MAP ) Packaging and similar gas flush systems

Features of the MapCheck-Combi on-line Oxygen and Combined O2/CO2analyzers

  • Fast and accurate monitoring of Oxygen concentrations ( 0.001% - 100% ) in continuous mode with optional 'spot check'
  • Optional carbon dioxide detector 0 - 100 % CO2
  • Quick response time effectively gives real time readout of gas analysis
  • Continuous readout of O2 concentration with LCD display and datalogging.
  • Built in filters protect the instrument from fluid and food product contamination.
  • Built in alarms for low and high oxygen/CO2 levels.
  • Programmable alarms for different product types. Store up 99 different product set ups.
  • Hygienic sealed touch-screen display keypad.
  • Robust industrial strength instrument.
  • Delivered ready to use with calibration certificate.
  • Integrated flow controller and gas mixer options for Total Gas Control
Total gas control with online oxygen monitoring
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Introduction to the TGC Total Gas Control System
The TGC is a sensitive oxygen / carbon dioxide analyzer designed for use with modified atmosphere packaging and similar systems. The TGC controls the atmosphere in the finished package by monitoring the residual oxygen just prior to sealing the package. The oxygen level is controlled by varying the flow of the flushing gas with a built in proportional flow controller. In mixed gas systems the TGC can also automatically control the mix ratio of the flushing gas (N2/CO2 for example).

Sensitive Reliable Oxygen Sensor and Optional CO2 detector
The head space analyzer works by drawing a small sample of the head-space gas sequentially into a special zirconium detector for oxygen. The analysis is very quick and the results are displayed on an LCD display in real time. The TGC is self contained. It includes everything you need for the analysis of gas flushing streams and product packs for MAP and similar applications. The instrument includes an extensive range of features for ease of use, and ease of maintenance. An optional IR sensor can be fitted for monitoring Carbon Dioxide.

Packaging Machine Interface
The TGC can be integrated with the packaging machine controller via its RS232 interface and relay alarms. The TGC can control the gas flow to match the speed of the packaging machine thus optimizing economical gas usage. The TGC alarm system can be used to halt packaging if it detects unacceptable conditions in the modified atmosphere. ( too high oxygen for example )

The TGC is easy to set up and use
The TGC has been designed for ease of use with a touch screen display and an easy to follow menu structure with graphic icons. The measurement procedure is fully automatic, The sample tube is placed close to point where the gas stream will be monitored. The built in pump continuously meters the sample into the analyzer and the analysis appears virtually in real time on the LCD display. Other operating modes allow you to make a spot test of the finished product. The spot test sample needle is inserted into the package and the MapCheck withdraws a small volume of head space and produces the spot test analysis.

Modular System
The TGC is a modular systems made up of three main components which you can mix and match to suit your requirement
1) On-line gas analysis for Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide
2) Proportional flow controller for the flushing gas
3) Manual or Automatic gas mixers for the flushing gas.
The flow controllers and mixers are available in different capacities depending on your requirement. ( we can help you figure out the right size for your machine )

Good QC because your test data is recorded automatically
The results from the TGC analysis are automatically stored in memory and can be printed out via the serial interface or downloaded to a PC. Tests can be categorized by product type (or machine etc.). There are 99 categories built into the MapCheck which you can customize with names of your own.

Calibrated and ready to use
The TGC comes ready calibrated, with a certificate of calibration, and only needs to be re-calibrated once a year. If you want to re-calibrate the TGC yourself you can take advantage of a built in automatic calibration routine.

Specification of the TGC gas analyzer module
Sensor Type - oxygen Ceramic / Zirconium detector
Warm up time 10 minutes from cold start.
Optional - carbon dioxide sensor Dual wavelength Infra Red detector
Measuring Range 0.001 % to 100% oxygen + 1 to 100% CO2 optional
Accuracy 1% of measurement (Oxygen) 2% or range CO2
Sample volume 2 ml spot test otherwise continuous sampling 66ml/min
Display Graphic LCD with touch screen icons
Gain Auto ranging
Signal Outputs 2 relays for high low alarms, 1 relay for system errors
Data Output RS232 standard ( 4-20 mA optional )
Input 24 volt DC for remote start stop
Memory up to 2000 readings
Dimensions 288 x 500 x 445 mm
Weight 6 kg
Flow Controller
Flow ranges 0- 150 l/min, 0 - 300 l/m, 0 - 450 l/m, others on request
Pressure Inlet 3 - 8 bar, Outlet 2 bar
Alarms Inlet pressure alarm
Gas Mixer
Manual Gas Mixers See gas mixer page for mixers specifications
Automatic mixers as above but with electronic control from the TGC.
Ordering Information
Model Description
TGC xxx The TGC is a modular system configured to match your needs. Call us with information about your packaging machine so that we can help you with the best configuration.
A minimal configuration, for example, might include an online oxygen analyzer and flow controller for 150 l/m. A more sophisticated set up would include a two gas mixer an analyzer for monitoring of both O2 and CO2 along with flow control.

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