Force Gauge Test Stands
Computer Controlled

  • Digital push pull force gauges test stand for computer control
    of measurements in tension or compression.
  • Software programmable.
  • Complete range from 2N to 25,000N
  • High speed data collection - 2000 readings per second
  • Auto-loadcell recognition/configuration
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • IP splashproof membrane control panel with
    emergency stop button
  • Auxiliary ‘event‘ input allows the software to recognise
    when switch contact is made or broken

Vertical Push Pull Test Stands with computer control
Force sensors are not included and need to be ordered separately from the test stand force test stand 100 kg force test stand
Force test stand 2500kgf
Model Multitest
Capacity 100 kgf
220 lbf
250 kgf
550 lbf
500 kgf
1100 lbf
1000 kgf
2200 lbf
2500 kgf
2550 lbf
Columns (Spacing) 1 1 1 2 (400mm 15.7") 2 (400mm 15.7")
Ballscrews 1 1 1 2 2
Throat Depth 67 mm (2.6") 67 mm (2.6") 95 mm (3.7")    
Vertical Daylight 590mm (23.2") 410mm (16.1") 590mm (26.6") 1180mm(46.5") 1140mm (44.9")
Stroke 1000 mm 500 mm      
Speed 1 - 1000 mm/min 1 -1000 mm/min 1 -500 mm/min 1 -1000 mm/min 1 -1000 mm/min
Max headroom 525 315      
Throat depth 67 mm 67 mm 95 mm    
Up / Down control membrane key pad        
Speed control -        
Limit switch repeatability +/- 15 mm        
Overrun at top speed          
Power 60W 125W 150W 400W 450W
Voltage 110V AC 60Hz 110V AC 60Hz 110V AC 60Hz 110V AC 60Hz 110V AC 60Hz
Height 940mm (37") 750mm (29.5") 1082mm (42.6") 1500mm (59.7") 1500mm (59.7")
Width 290mm (14") 290mm (14") 328mm (12.9") 826mm (32.5") 826mm (32.5")
Depth 414mm (16.3") 414mm (16.3") 526mm (20.7") 512mm (20.2") 542mm (20.2")
Weight 19 kg (42 lbs) 22 kg (40 lbs) 38 kg (84 lbs) 110 kg (243lbs) 140 kg (309 lbs)
Computer interface RS232/ USB         
Software Windows 98/2000/ME/NT/XP         
The Multitest i series test stands use a range of precision force transducer to measure the compressive and tensile forces applied to the sample.
The MultiTest-i is available in a range of capacities to meet your exact testing requirement, from the entry-level single-column MultiTest 1-i, through to advanced twin-column test frames, which have been specifically designed to test large or high load samples and products.
Inspection and testing of all kinds of precision parts and mechanisms including relay contacts, and switches
Strength testing for components and assemblies such as wire harness
Connection testing measure the pull out and insertion force of all kinds of connectors and fitted components.
Test Stands
A range of motorized test stands permit more accurate and repeatable measurements.

The software has been specifically designed to work with the Multitest-i range of frames.

Software Features

  • Real Time graphs and export to Excel and SPC packages
  • Test ID
  • Pass Fail Analysis
  • Library test programs included for typical procedures.
  • Customizable tests to suit your particular needs can be added to the library
  • Tolerance alerts.
  • 'Video Replay' replay test results with time slider.
  • Multilevel zooming on to areas of the curve of particluar interest.

Typical Tests
  • Tension
  • Flexure
  • Tear
  • Compression
  • Stiffness
  • Friction

Typical Applications

  • Elastomers
  • Medical Devices
  • Plastics
  • Springs
  • Textiles
  • Adhesion
  • Packaging
  • Rubber
  • Switches
  • Fasteners
There are two distinct modules within the software.

virtual control panel1) The gauge emulator is a virtual interface resembling a traditional force gage keypad. This is used for simple test stand control - set tension or compression at fixed speeds in one direction without the need to create a custom program.

force test2) The Progammed Testing Module on the hand is a tool to program a test method and to automatically report test results - pass, fail, peak load average load and so on. The program is written is a series of steps with options for alarms or operator intervention.
The software comes with a library of standard tests for many typical procedures. A 'replay' function allows the test data to be reviewed dynamically on screen and includes a timeline slider so that you can focus on the critical aspects of test.

force gage software


Test Stands Range Price
Computer controlled stands   From $9000.00
Load Cells   price guide $1300.00 to $1700
Imperial ILC 2 2 Newtons
Imperial ILC 5N 5 Newtons
Imperial ILC 10N 10 Newtons
Imperial ILC 25N 25 Newtons
Imperial ILC 50N 50 Newtons
Imperial ILC 100N 100 Newtons
Imperial ILC 250N 250 Newtons
Imperial ILC 500N 500 Newtons
Imperial ILCS 1000N 1000 Newtons
Imperial ILCS 2000N 2000 Newtons
Imperial ILCS 5000N 5000 Newtons
Imperial ILT 10 kN (for twin column) 10,000 Newtons
Imperial ILT 20 kN (For twin column) 20,000 Newton

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