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Digital Thermometers and Probes
Food industry production warehouse / wholesale / retail
Digital Food thermometers with splash proof housing - thermistors and T type thermocouples for best accuracy High Precision Thermometer Low cost pocket thermometers
color coded probes Needle probe wire probes
General Purpose   Needle Probe Wire thermocouple
DPM temperature
Panel Meter for RTDs or Thermocouples
- indicator / Controlleer
Panel meters
 thermocouples / Pt100
Analog / digital outputs
Hi/Lo set points
Handheld meters and kits
'T' Type for best accuracy
Industrial and General Purpose Temperature Measurement Data loggers
IR ThermometerInfra Red
Handheld Meters K, T, J, PT1000
Data logging options
Surface probe  
in-situ in the oven data logger Temperature RH Logger Multi Channel Logger
16 channels for TC or RT
autoclave temperature logger temperature data logger
These loggers are designed to measure egg temperature in cartons during transportation and storage or during the incubation process. The Autoclave logger is a special product that can withstand high temperature and pressure environments to +150°C/5 Bar for 30 minutes, 150°C for 60 minutes in dry heat and indefinite operation at +125°C iLog Mini - Self contained transport data logger with internal or external sensors LCD and immediate download to PC

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