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Products related to applications in Fire simulation and training

Rosco High Output Fog Machine
  • Very High Output.
  • Large scale Fogger.
  • Safe Water Based Fluid
  • Remote control.
  • Suitable for industrial applications.
  • Smoke Simulation
Putting out more than nine liters of fog fluid per hour, this machine was developed to service demanding industrial applications including smoke simulation, military training, leak detection and safety training in buildings, aircraft and sea going vessels, demand high-output machines.
Multipoint Temperature Data Logger

  • Multi Point Temperature Data Logger
  • Windows software Included
  • 16 independent channels for Thermocouples
  • Or 12 channels for resistance thermometers
Multi channel Temperature Data loggers
This multi channel Consort temperature meter is available for 16 channel thermocouple inputs or 12 channel resistance thermometer inputs. GLP procedures are built in. The information can be stored locally or transferred to a PC by the RS232 interface. The display can automatically sequence through the channels showing each in turn.

BRIX REFRACTOMETERS for Foam Concentration
The N-10E is a model developed for very low concentration use where the Brix is 10% or less. Based on the popular N-1E, the scale has been magnified for high precision measurements.  Good for measurements of low concentration fruit juices, cutting oil, etc
Model N-10E
Scale range : Brix 0.0 to 10.0%
Minimum scale : 0.1%
Size and weight : 4x4x21cm, 200g
Brix refractometers commonly used to monitor foam concentration several units 0-10 Brix (%) 0-20 Brix, 0-32 Brix. Click on image for more options

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