Saccharoflex reflectance meter for sugar

reflectance meter for sugar

Features of the Saccharoflex

  • Fully compliant with ICUMSA GS2-11 & GS2-13
  • Measures degree of whiteness
  • Easy to calibrate and use
  • Use Brunswick or ceramic color standards
  • Measurements up to 19.99 without any adjustment
  • Power saver feature - for continuous operation

The saccharoflex is an electronic reflectance meter for the automatic color grading of white crystalline sugar in accordance with the recommendations of ICUMSA.

The saccharoflex measures the reflectance factors at 426 nm and 620 nm and indicates the ratio in terms of color type numbers.      The instrument is based on Taylor's law using an integrating sphere. The measurement is taken over a large area relative to grain size in order to reduce errors due to variation in grain sizes. Only two standards of Braunschweig color type, preferably '0' and '6' are needed to calibrate the Saccharoflex

Only two standards of the Brunswick color type or ceramic standards, preferably 0 and 6 are necessary to calibrate the Saccharoflex 2000. Adjustment is carried out with the keyboard. The Saccharoflex 2000 makes measurements up to 19.99 indicating units without further adjustments.

LCD display with 4-button keyboard makes the instrument easy to use and RS 232 serial interface can be used to output data to a printer.


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Specifications of the Saccharoflex reflectance meter

Specification Model 2000
Range 0.00 - 19.99 color units
Calibration Standard 0 and 6 (Brunswick)
Resolution 0.01 color units
Wavelength 495 and 620 nm
Sample Cup ICUMSA standard container
Data interface RS232

22 x 26 x 48 cm, 9 kg

Voltage 115/230 Volts switchable

Ordering Information

Model Part Number
Saccharoflex TID 09391
Color standard '0' 200 g TID 09291
Color standard '6' 200 g TID 09292
Ceramic Standards 0 and 6 in case TID 12004