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The Monlog combined temperature and humidity logger is an accurate rugged device suitable for use in laboratories, transportation, building environment, warehousing and heating and ventilation applications
Temp Humidity log


  • Highly accurate temperature and humidity logger
  • Windows software download and analysis
  • User replaceable lithium battery
  • Large memory over 16000 readings - up to one year of data
  • Rugged molded impact resistant case
  • User calibration
Monolog 2 temperature and humidity data logger

Manual activation key
 for the data logging
PC download kit 
for data logger

Monolog-2 Temperature and Humidity Logger
The Monolog 2 is a rugged compact temperature and humidity data logger designed for unattended operation over long periods of time. The instrument has been designed for hardware and software compatibility with the Windows PC environment. You can setup and interrogate the monolog very quickly and easily with a simple connection to your PC. The built in memory of the Monolog can hold up to 8184 data point pairs ( temperature and humidity ) which at the longest logging interval would represent almost one year of data. Yet the communication interface is so fast that you can download the data on to your PC in just 15 seconds

Windows Software
The software operates under Microsoft Windows (Win95/98/2000) and is very easy to use with a range of typical Windows style dialog boxes. You set up the logger by entering the start and stop time and the logging interval. You can build database files from the stored data and plot and save the information in table and graphical formats. The software supports multiple languages  including English and Spanish, French, German, Italian and Dutch.

Specification of the MonoLog 2

Model Model Monolog 2 temperature and humidity data logger
Range Humidity 0 - 100%
Accuracy Humidity +/- 2% from 20-80%, 5% other
Range temperature -20C to +60 C 
Accuracy temperature +/- 0.3 degrees full range
Resolution 0.1% RH 0.1 degC
Battery type 3.6 volts Lithium
Battery life 1 - 2  years user replaceable
Logging intervals 5 seconds to 255 minutes
Memory 16000 readings
Dimensions 75 mm Diam x 50 mm high
Weight 100 gms
Communication RS232 19,200 baud
Ordering Information
Description Price view shopping cart
Model MLTHB16 two channel data logger for humidity and temperature, including cable, software and download adapter. $610.00  
Model MLTHB16 two channel data logger only.
( software and adapter not included )
MLKEY manual start key for manual activation of the logger $10.00  


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