Online Monitoring & Control of Gas Flush O2/CO2/N2


  • Online monitoring of O2 and CO2
  • Works in conjunction with packing machine
  • For Vertical and Horizontal flow packagers
  • Reduces gas usage
  • Real time flushing control
  • Avoids waste or incorrectly flushed packages
  • Data Logging for QC records
  • Optional control of gas mixer
  • Touch Screen Operation
  • Programming for different products
  • PC Software included

The MAPCHECK 3 continously monitors the modified atmosphere flushing gases in Vertical and Horizontal Flow Wrapper packaging machines. The real time monitoring of the package atmosphere improves productivity in several ways. It saves gas by tuning the gas flow to the optimum level for the packing machine. It reduces waste because if there is problem the MapCheck can halt the machine. It improves quality because every package is checked before sealing and this in turn reduces the amount of off line testing that would otherwise be required. An optional gas save feature allow the MapCheck to monitor and control the flow of gas to the packages. If for example the residual oxygen is reading to high (not flushed enough) then the flow of flushing gas can be increased automatically to achieve the desired level.
The MapCheck can also be integrated with a Provectus gas mixer so that it can automatically control both the gas flow and mix to suit the production conditions. Data logging can be used to record gas content and consumption for every run so that a quality control record can be built up



MapCheck 3 Combined O2 CO2 Online Gas Monitor
Package Types Oxygen Sensor Carbon Dioxide Sensor
Measuring Range Solid State 0-100%

Dual beam IR sensor - 0-100%

Accuracy ±0.01% absolute below 1% O2
±1% of reading in range above 1%
±0.5% absolute
±1.5% of reading
Warm up time 10 minutes 8 minutes
Power Supply 103-132 /207-264 VAC Universal
Dimensions 192 x 230 x 375 mm HxWxD
Weight 20 lbs
Gas Save Option
Gas Media Any dry mix of Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen
Inlet pressure 2 to 10 Bar
Pressure Drop 1 Bar at 10 Bar input pressure
Gas Flow 6 - 500 l/min
Flow Measurement total and daily consumption
Cabinet Protection IP45 NEMA 3S

Ordering Information

Model Description Price
MapCheck Monitor unit of O2 and CO2 detection Call for quote
Gas Save Flow controller integrated with MapCheck
Provectus Electronic Gas Mix Contoller