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Oxygen Analyzer
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Soldering Machines

The MapCheck 9000S is an oxygen analyzer for use in monitoring and controlling the purge gas in soldering machines
Map Check Oxygen Analyzer

Benefits of the MapCheck system

  • Maintains optimum soldering conditions
  • Reduces gas consumption
  • Reduces costs by reducing bad soldering
  • Better quality because of reproducible O2 - N2 ratio
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Suitable for wave and reflow systems.

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Features of the MapCheck Instrumentation

  • Precise knowledge of oxygen concentrations at all times
  • Very fast response analyzer
  • Will not saturate in the presence of high O2 concentrations
  • Robust industrial design for tough environments
  • User definable alarms for incorrect soldering conditions
  • Monitor multiple critical areas of the process
  • Integrates with the soldering machines computer system
  • Windows interface

Introduction to the MapCheck soldering analyzer

Typical set for soldering oven In nitrogen based soldering machines it is critically important to maintain the oxygen levels in the process zones at controlled low levels in order to prevent oxidation. The MapCheck is an oxygen analyzer which continuously samples the purge gas at critical points in the soldering system. The MapCheck produces a continuous readout of the oxygen concentration at these critical points. The standard instrument monitors three points but others can be added if needed. MapCheck can log the data, display it in a software window and on the built in display. The oxygen level can be controlled to a desired set point by means of a sister product - the MapCon proportional flow controller. The MapCheck/MapCon system is a complete oxygen monitoring and flow control system for the purge gas of most types of nitrogen soldering machines.

Specification Map Check Oxygen Analyzer

Measuring Range 0.1 ppm 100% Oxygen
Accuracy +/- 1% of reading
Monitoring Inputs 3 channels standard
Digital Interface RS232
Analog Interface 0 -20 mA, 0 - 24 Volts AC
Alarms 2 Alarms levels per channel
Sensor Solid state ceramic sensor
Dimensions 194 x 235 x 420 mm
Weight 7.5 kg

MapCon 9000 proportional purge gas flow controller

MapCheck + MapCon SystemMapCon 9000 is a proportional gas flow controller for use with the MapCheck 9000 analyzer on soldering machines. The MapCon takes its input from the MapCheck gas analyzer which compares the measured oxygen concentration with a set point ( desired oxygen concentration ) in order to produce a control signal for the flow controller which is now controls the nitrogen purge gas flow into the oven.
The MapCon has three modes of operation selected by a key switch.
Automatic whereby the flow is controlled to achieve a set point for Oxygen concentration ( set on the MapCheck analyzer)
Manual Low - in this mode the operator can control the flow from 0 -100 % of the proportional valve capacity.
Manual High - In this mode an internal by bass valve is open and the total flow is equal to the by pass capacity plus the flow through the proportional valve. This allows the operator to set up a nominal flush-in or minimum flow.

Specification Map Con Nitrogen Purge Flow Controller

Gas Flow Range Total 0 - 66 m3/hr ( 2350 SCFH)
Proportional Valve 0 - 600 l/min ( 36 m3/hr 1280 SCFH )
Bypass valve 0 - 500 l/min ( 30 m3/hr 1070 SCFH ) max
Control Proportional flow controller
Inlet pressure 6 - 8 Bar (85 - 115 psi)
Alarms Low gas pressure at inlet
- Oxygen alarm (signal from MapCheck oxygen analyzer)
Alarm output open - closed, closed - open 48V 1A
Outlet pressure Max 2 bar
Inlet filter 60 micron
Purge gas connections Inlet and outlet 9/12 mm hose union ( others available on request)
Power 115 VAC 6VA or 130 VAC 6VA
Dimensions 194 x 235 x 420 mm
Weight 12.4 kg


MapMon is a Microsoft Windows interface for the MapCheck system. MapMon allows the user to set up and monitor the MapCheck/MapCon system through the system PC controller or a stand alone computer. MapMon displays the current oxygen level for each monitoring channel, the stored data in the data logger for each channel, the alarm levels, and the set up parameters of the control system.

  • Flow alarms
  • Oxygen concentration alarms
  • Multi Channel data ( up to three channels standard )
  • Data collection with time and date stamp at programmed intervals
  • Event log with date and time stamp
  • Alarm set up window
  • Flow set up window
  • Trouble shooting diagnostic window
  • Proportional controller set up window

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