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Standard Reference Materials from NIST


Biosciences Virtual Library
Biology Links Harvard University Dept of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Biotechnology Information Center of USDA
InfoBiotech Canada
Bio Online
World wide biotech information from Australian Biotechnology Association
Glossary of terms from Australian Biotechnology Association

Water and electrochemistry

Water quality association glossary of terms
Dissolved oxygen definition and techniques
Water quality glossary at NCSU Water Quality Group

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Books on Modified Atmosphere Packaging
Safety of Modified Atmosphere Packaged Vegetables Society of Food Hygiene paper
Society of Food Hygiene (UK) home page
Report on Modified Atmosphere Packaging - Candy Canadian Packaging Article
Report on Modified Atmosphere Packaging - Pistachios Canadian Packaging Article
Report on Modified Atmosphere Packaging - Pate Canadian Packaging Article
Arctic Gourmet Seafood Producer of MAP packed seafood
Center for Food Technology Queensland Australia discussion of MAP for Seafood
FDA Seafood resources page
Pasta information from Italy and MAP of PASTA

Links to associated instrumentation companies


Indentation Testers
Ultrasonic Hardness tester
Nano Hardness tester
Micro Hardness Tester
Vickers Hardness Tester
MicroHardness -Digital Automatic Type
Scratch Testers
Nano Scratch Tester
Micro Scratch Tester
Wear Testers
Tribometer Pin-on-Disk
High Temperature Tribometer
X-ray Microtomography
Skyscan Micro-CT
Profilometry & Topography
Proscan 1000
Non Contact 3D Profiling
Single axis laser gauging
X-ray Imaging
X-ray video alignment tool
X ray Imaging Cameras
X-ray Microscopy
CCD Cameras
Cooled CCD Cameras
High dynamic range
High speed