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Dew Point Meter, Hygrometer

Model SADPu Dew point Meter, the worlds leading hygrometer manufactured by Alpha under license from Shaw. 
  • Various ranges within the overall
     range -110 C to +20 C
  • Intrinsically safe -
  • Analog indication in C, F or ppm(v)
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Guaranteed Accuracy +/- 2 degC
  • Dry down chamber for rapid readings
  • Battery operated - standard C type
  • 2 year warranty

Dew Point
The dew point is defined as the lower temperature to which air must be cooled in order for condensation to occur. The dew point is dependent on the concentration of water vapor present, and therefore on the relative humidity.

The workhorse of the industry for over 25 years now modernized with microprocessor control. The SADPu, designed to operate at atmospheric pressure, features a large easy to read analog indicator scaled in degrees C and F dew point and corresponding ppm range. The low 0-10 ppm(v) is selectable to read over the full scale. The new unit incorporates a desiccant dry down chamber and stainless steel quick connect fittings which allow rapid set up and measurement.

Dry Down Chamber
The sensor must always be drier than the sample to be measured. The dry down chamber achieves this by keeping the sensor surrounded by desiccant when the instrument is not in use. The sensor is only exposed to the sample gas during a measurement and is never in contact with ambient air.
read position dry down position
Specification of SADPu Dew point Hygrometer
Model DS1000
Sensor Shaw Aluminum Oxide Ultra High Capacitance
Range 8 different ranges encompassing an overall range from -100 to +20 degs C dew point ( -148 F to +68F )
Intrinsic safety Standard: EN50014:1993/EN50020:1995
Code: EEx ia 11C T5
Certificate No: SIRA Ex96Y2096
Display 120 mm taut band precision analogue indicator. Linear scale in C and F. Log scale in ppm. Expanded range 0 - 10 ppm(v) linear scale selected by rotary switch on front panel
Calibration Accuracy +/- 2 degs C dew point scale. +/- 1 ppm (0 - 10 ppm scale )
Repeatability +/- 0.5 DegC dew point
Response time 95% or reading within 20 seconds typical
Power supply 9 volts DC, 6 x C batteries
Battery life 150 hours
Operating conditions Temperature: - 20C to +50C
Humidity: 0 - 98 % RH non condensing
Storage temp: -50C to +70C
Operating Pressure: Atmospheric to 0.5 bar g
Electromagnetic compatibility Immunity: Complies with EN50082-1:1992
Emissions: Complies with EN50081-1:1992
Flow rate to sensor 2 - 20 liters/min
Connections 2 fir tree type nipple on sides of desiccant chamber
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Model SADPu XX
Enter codes from next column to specify range
* PL, SR, BL, GY and RD include linear expanded range
PL* -110 to +20 C
SR* -110 to -20 C
BL* -80 to +20 C
GY* -80 to 0 C
RD* -80 to -20 C
YW -60 to +0 C
GD -50 to +20 C
GN -30 to +20 C

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