Gradient Mixers

  • Flat base for use with magnetic stirrers
  • Support rod for stable fixing to retort stand.
  • 5 sizes to to choose from
  • large size (500ml) configured for
    multicaster gel casting system
  There are five sizes of Scie-Plas gradient mixers, 15, 25, 50, 100 and 500ml, total volume. The small 15 and 25ml mixers are ideal for the preparation of centrifugation gradients, using sucrose or cesium chloride solutions. The larger 50, 100 and 500ml mixers are mainly used for the preparation of linear polyacrylamide gel gradients.
The 500ml mixer is configured to be used in conjunction with the multicaster systems.
The four small mixers are produced from a single acrylic block. The large 500ml unit is made from acrylic tubes. They all consist of two chambers, a reservoir and a mixing chamber, with an interconnecting valve. A second valve (not on GM500) regulates the output flow from the mixing chamber. A magnetic stirring bar is placed in the mixing chamber to maintain a constant gradient. All of the mixers have a flat base to enable them to be placed on a magnetic stirrer. They also have a support rod which can be used to fix the mixers to a retort stand for extra stability.

Ordering Information Gradient Mixers
Model Description Prices US$
GM15 15 ml gradient mixer  $465.00
GM25 25 ml gradient mixer $515.00
GM50 50 ml gradient mixer $535.00
GM100 100 ml gradient mixer $599.00
GM500 500 ml gradient mixer $650.00

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