Uvitec Essential computer based Gel Documentation System
  • The system which fits your budget!
  • Sony scientific grade CCD camera
  • Ideal for multi-user environments
  • Free software for "one touch" fully automated image acquisition, annotation and quantification
  • Robust steel and stainless steel construction
  • Wide variety of darkrooms and options to tailor your own system and fit your budget
  • Superb quality camera filter optimized for ethidium bromide
  • PCI fast connection
D77 Model D55 Model


The Uvitec Essential is a gel documentation system designed to work directly with your PC. The system comprises a high quality CCD camera, image acquisition electronics and comprehensive software integrated into a sophisticated easy to use system. The Essential model can function at a number of levels ranging from simple push button operation to produce a hard copy image to precise image optimization, annotation and storage on the computer. The live image is viewed directly on the computer screen and can be adjusted for saturation to ensure that all bands will be quantifiable. The dark room cabinet fully encloses the transilluminator and offers several choices of overhead illumination including UV and white light.

  • Camera and Optics:
  • 0.5 megapixels
  • 8 bit performance
  • Dynamic range: 3 OD
  • Scientific grade camera with electronically variable shutter speed, 1/2 inch sensor, Pixel size: 4.6 x 4.6 microns
  • PCI fast connection, 6 times optical zoom
  • Software:
  • Essential 1D software
  • Image enhancement, annotation and Illustration.
  • 3 image analysis modules: - 1D Molecular weight (MW, volume, intensity, …)
  • Colony counting
  • Distance calculation (RF, IEF, …)
  • Our live preview mode ensures quick and easy sample positioning and fine focus. Autofocus, autoexposure and video mode included!
  • Highlight important features with text and symbols. The software helps you to annotate and illustrate your image.
  • Create vibrant images. Enhance your image with the extensive and readily available set of tools such as multiple colour channels, cropping and image additions.
  • Need to quantify or measure? Just add a calibration marker for reference or measure the volumes to determine the quantity with our simple 1-2-3 approach.
  • Options:
  • Transilluminator UV surface: 26x21 or 20x20cm
  • UV-PURE transilluminator or standard transilluminator
  • Single or dual wavelength available
  • Manual or motorised zoom lens
  • UV to white light or UV to blue conversion screen
  • Advanced UVI-Band or UVIBandMap software

Other models:  Xplorer Platinum

Ordering information
Model  Description Price Guide USD: Call for details
D77 Darkroom -Steel and stainless steel darkroom. Epoxy painted for chemical resistance. Black body imaging grade darkroom
- smart control panel with UV security option. UV security timer. Build-in roll-out transilluminator
- 12 wavelengths illumination options. 6 positions filter wheel to cover virtually all applications.
-Biofluorescence and multiplexing ready – optional Epi-Bright. Multiwavelength epi-illumination source.
From $8000
D55 Darkroom • Steel and stainless steel darkroom. Epoxy-painted for chemical resistance.
• Black body imaging grade
• Build-in roll-out transilluminator. UV timer & security switch
• White light epi-illumination. Filter wheel
From $7000

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