UviSave UV Gel Documentation
  • Low cost, gel documentation systems
  • Compact design, portable
  • Simple and straight forward to operate
  • Disk drive for remote image capture in TIFF format
  • Saturation monitoring of live image viewable on LCD screen and monitor
  • Free Uvidoc software package for manipulation, annotation and simple analysis
Gel documentation

Uvisave is a simple portable gel documentation unit for capturing and printing an image or saving it to a TIFF file. The system consists of  a hood fitted with a CCD camera with zoom lens and filter and a control box with LCD viewing screen and flash drive. The kit can be used with any UV or white light transilluminator. Simply place the hood over the gel, optimize the image on the LCD screen - freeze the image and then print to video printer or save as a TIFF file on the your flash drive. 
    With the Uvisave gel documentation system even inexperienced users can produce high quality gel images within a few seconds. The user can adjust the optics for zoom, aperture focus and integration time and preview the result on the LCD viewing screen before capture. 

Get prints in seconds. The UVIsave interface is simplicity itself. Exposure time is varied by pressing a ‘+’ button to increase and a ‘-‘ button to decrease. Simply place the camera hood over the gel, optimise the image whilst viewing it on the built-in super large LCD screen, freeze the image then print it on the video printer or save it on a Compact Flash.

Scientific grade optics and Sony camera provide supreme imaging performance.
UVIsave has all the flexibility of an instant photography system combined with the speed, versatility and precision of a video documentation system. Unlike digital camera systems UVIsave allows the optimisation of your gel before you produce a print.

The simplicity and functionality has made it indispensable to a wide range of users. The saturation monitoring function means that UVIsave can be used by researchers who wish to quantify their gel images and to ensure no loss of detail from the image caused by saturation. The system can therefore be used on a variety of levels: from routine documentation to image publishing. The exposure time could range from 40ms to 10 seconds. All functions are accessed by a single push of a button.

Always ready
Because UVIsave is so simple to operate minimal training is required. UVIsave works with virtually any UV or white light
transilluminator. The user interface includes a special keypad specifically designed for just-wipe-it-off cleaning. The highgrade TFT LCD monitor is protected by glass for enhanced robustness.

CCD Camera
  • Sony scientific grade camera with electronically variable shutter speed
  • 0,5 megapixel
  • 8-bit performance High sensitivity
  • 6 times optical zoom
  • UVIdoc 1D software
  • Image enhancement, annotation and illustration.
  • 3 image analysis modules:
    - 1D molecular weight (MW, volume, intensity…)
    - Colony counting
    - Distance calculation (RF, IEF…)

     Flexible – use with virtually any
     UV surface: 26x21 or 20x20 cm
     Single or dual wavelengths available



Ordering information UVISave UV gel documentation
Model  Description Price USD online ordering
UVSAVE UVIsave gel documentation system consisting of CCD video camera, zoom lens, Ethidium filter, built in TFT LCD display, control unit, UVI1D Windows software, flash memory interface, cables and instruction manual. (transilluminator not included ) $4900.00     order online  
M-P93E Mitsubishi P-93E printer $1825.00
  PC based Gel Documentation acquisition systems

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