Wide range CO2 Transducer with analog or digital output

  • Integrated Sensor and electronics
  • Field replaceable Sensors
  • Temperature compensation
  • Range of sensors for CO2
  • Built in analog ouput
  • Optional RS232
  • electronics and sensor ready for system integration

The the Boxed Gascard transducer is a self contained IR CO2 sensor available in a variety of detection ranges. The transducer provided fast and reliable CO2 concentration data over a wide range of barometric pressures and environmental temperatures. It brings the accuracy and reliability of the Gascard non dispersive infra red technology to the convenience of a turnkey instrument. The Boxed Gascard® is suitable for CO2 monitoring in a diverse range of applications from anaerobic digestion monitoring to plant physiology, where the carbon dioxide concentration in air-like atmospheres needs to be measured from ppm to tens of percent concentration. The bit-switch controlled 4-20mA or 0-20mA output is ideally suited for interfacing with most data loggers. Alternatively, the optional RS232 interface and NG Logger software may be used to log the concentration information onto a PC (with a serial to USB converter) or suitable tablet computer. The aluminium enclosure provides a convenient packaging of the sensor and associated electronics ready to mount as a subsystem in other instrumentation. The unit includes a gas inlet port and filter but not a pump. If gas cannot be flowed through the system (this is not a diffusion sensor) with some positive pressure from the source then an optional external pump would be required.

Manometer Specifications

Measuring Range CO2 0-2000 ppm
0-3000 ppm
0-5000 ppm
Accuracy ±2% of range ±<0.015% of range per mbar*
Zero Stability ±2% of range (over 12 months )  
Response Time T90 = 10 seconds or programmable RC
Operating Temperature 0-40ºC
Operating Pressure 800-1150mbar
Power Requirements 24 V DC (7V-30V)
Warm up time 1 minute (initial) 30 minutes (full specification)
Humidity Measurements are unaffected by 0-95% relative humidity, non condensing
Output Linear 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA (bit switch selectable) maximum load dependent on supply

Ordering Information

Model Description Price each  
BGNGxxxx Sensor and electronics mounted in aluminum casing complete with analog output.
Power supply not included. No local display
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