Combustion Flue Gas and Emissions Analyzers
O2, CO, NO, NOx, Efficiency, Excess Air, Tair Tgas
Draft, Diff Press, Ambient CO/NO

- Multiple Gas and Parameter - Combustion Flue Gas Analysis - Efficiency Readout - Emissions Monitoring - Troubleshooting Continuous Emission Monitors - HVAC

The gas sensors are built into the handset. The gas is sampled via a probe which is inserted into the flue. A small pump in the handset draws the flue gas into the analyzer. The probe includes a K type thermocouple sensor and there is also an additional separate connection on the handset for an external resistance thermometer to be used for the ambient air temperature.

The Unigas combustion gas analyzers can be used with up to  four sensors to measure sulfur dioxide SO2 and Nitrogen Dioxide/Oxide NO2/NOx combustible concentration. Other external sensors can be used to measure room temperature, RH ( Relative Humidity ), and ambient carbon monoxide ( CO ) safety monitoring.

E8500 Industrial Combustion Analyzer measures up to 9 gases
  • Low NOx and “True” NOx Measurements
  • Built–in Thermoelectric Chiller with Automatic Condensate Removal
  • Wireless Remote Printer
  • Draft & Differential Pressure Measurement
  • Two Channel Thermometer (for stack gas & air temperature)
  • Software for Real–Time Data Logging, Graphing, and Reporting
  • Wireless Communications with Computer & other Windows Devices
  • CO Dilution Auto–Range for Measurements up to 20,000ppm
  • Long–Term Monitoring and Data Logging with Internal Memory
  • Gas Velocity Measurements with Pitot Tube
  • CO2%, Efficiency, & Excess Air Calculations
  • Rotating LCD Display
  • Light Weight, Durable, & Easy to Transport Design
  • LOW NOx Sensors Available with 0.1 ppm Resolution
  • Wireless Communications with Computer & Remote Printer
  • Light Weight, Durable , and Easy to Transport Design

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