Lab Fermenter - Single Wall Flat bottom heating base



  • Durable vessel design
  • Cap type innoculation method
  • Wider temperature control range
  • Color touch screen and graphical user interface for easy operation
  • Real-time trend data recording ensures best fermentation performance
  • 2-stage DO cascade for precise DO (dissolved oxygen) level control
  • Ethernet remote control ability allows you navigate and operate your fermentation process from desktop
  • No additional software required
  • Low voltage DC brushless motor
  • Quick connectors for easy operation
  • 4 built-in assignable and programmable peristaltic pumps for automatic pH, Antifoam and Feeding control
  • Automatic process allows you to set up your 15 steps programmable control
  • Manual process allows you to run individual parameters independently
  • Full accessories are offered as a standard package

The single wall plain bottom vessel is an ideal instrument for your routine culture or educational purposes. Durable stainless steel supporting rods and bottom plate are designed to withstand heavy usage. Fast cooling and heating is achieved through the inner cooling coil and the flat heating base unit.

Vessel Working volume (Liter) 3L 5L 7L 10L
Total volume (Liter) 3.7 6.5 9.1 13
Material Borosilicate glass / 316L stainless steel for headplate and all fittings
Control Unit Control panel 10.4" Colorful touch-screen interface
Communication port Remote control through Ethernet
Data export through USB port
RS-485 port for system extension
Program storage Up to 59,994 process programs
Log data storage Up to 100 process monitoring data files
Cabinet material ABS front panel and painted iron housing
Dimension Footprint: W x D = 15.75" x 19.69", (400 x 500 mm)
Height = 29.13", (740 mm)
Rated voltage 110V~/ 220V~ ; 50-60 Hz
Aeration Inlet gas flow-meter 0, 1-10 LPM 0, 2-20 LPM
Sparger Orifice ring
Baffle Removable 316L stainless steel baffles
Temperature Heating Bottom Heating plate (base unit)
Cooling Cooling coil
Range 5°C (41°F) above coolant up to 90°C (194°F)
Resolution 0.1°C
Probe Platinum RTD probe (Pt 100)
Control mode Manual or Programmable 15 steps PID control
Agitation Drive Removable top brushless motor
Speed range For fermentation and cell culture:
30 - 1,200 rpm (3~7L), 30 - 1,000 rpm (10L),  
Resolution 1 rpm increment 
3 adjustable Rushton-type impellers
Note: Customized impellers are available
Control mode Manual or Programmable 15 steps PID control
pH Range 2 -14 pH
Resolution 0.01 pH
Probe Gel-filled electrode; Autoclavable
Control mode Manual/ Acid Start/ Programmable 15 steps PID control
DO Range 0 - 200%
Resolution 0.1%
Probe Polarographic DO sensor; Autoclavable
Control mode 2-stage DO cascade response: (Manual or Process mode)
a. Increase or decrease agitation speed
b. Oxygen enrichment module (optional devices required)
c. Gas Mixing Station module (optional devices required)
Substrate feeding strategy
Measurement range -/+ 2000mV
Resolution 1 mV
Probe Gel-filled electrode; Autoclavable
Foam Probe 316L stainless steel protector with insulated teflon tube;
On/Off control
Peristaltic pump Pump number 4 Built-in pumps; One external pump (optional device required)
Motor type Precise stepping motor; minimum speed is 1 rpm
Speed range 0 - 65 rpm
Resolution 1 rpm
Control mode Manual or Programmable 15 steps feeding control;
Pump can be assigned for Acid, Base, Antifoam and Substrates
Exhaust Device type 316L stainless steel condenser
Utility requirement Power source 100-120V~50-60Hz or 210-230V~50-60Hz with electrical safety cutoff switch
Water source 2 Bar maximum (29 psi); water supplied to fermenter must be at least 15°C below set point operating temperature
Air source 1 Bar maximum, must be dry, oil-free and filtered 
For 3-5L, minimum pressure 0.1499 kg/cm2 and air flow rate 60L/min 
For 7-10L, minimum pressure 7.0 kg/cm2 and air flow rate 120L/min
Sterilization Autoclave; size of autoclave inner chamber must be able to accommodate vessel with attached condenser