Multi Wavelength Spectroscopic Refractometer

Features of the ATR-L Multi wavelength Spectroscopic Refractometer

  • Measures refractive index at 7 discrete wavelengths
  • Peltier controlled sample holder +10°C to + 70 °C
  • Full range 1.3320 - 1.7000 index @ 589 nm
  • ASTM dispersion method for carbohydrates
  • Fully Automatic - simply load a small sample and press one button.
  • Digital readout of refractive index, wavelength.
  • Automatically generates the Abbe numberOnly a small volume (0.3ml) sample eeded
  • Windows software
  • RS232 data port and parallel Centronics port, USB
  • Built in diagnostics
  • Adapter for solid samples

Spectroscopic Refractometer

Digital automatic high performance refractometer data output spectroscopic refractometerThe ATR-L is a new refractometer from Schmidt + Haensch featuring a patented multiwavelength source and detector along with Peltier temperature controlled sample holder. The ATR-L is a microprocessor controlled, critical angle refractometer for measuring the optical density of a wide range of liquid media from low to high viscosity, and independent of opacity and color. The ATR-L can also be use on solid samples up 10 mm diameter with the help of a special sample holder and index matching fluid. The instrument can be programmed to make a series of index measurements automatically with different settings of wavelength, temperature and time interval. The spectroscopic data is aquired at the discrete wavelengths of light sources in the instrument and the data can be plotted and interpolated for the full spectral range.


The ATR-L is particularly useful for measuring the optical properties of materials when the relationship between refraction and color are important in such materials as polymers, glasses, electro optical devices. The index-spectral data could potentialy be used for 'fingerprinting ' the characteristics of products such as beverages, wine, perfumes, inks....

Specifications Spectroscopic Refractometer ATR-L

Model ATR-L
Measuring Range nd / Brix 1.33200 - 1.70000 / 0-100 Brix
Wavelengths (nm) 7 discrete LED's with fixed wavelengths 400, 450, 490, 525, 590, 660, 700 nm (others on request)
Wavelength accuracy ± 2 nm
Resolution nd / Brix 0.00001 RI +/- 0.01% Brix
Precision ± 0.00004 RI* / ± 0.03 Brix
Accuracy 0.0001 RI @20 °C
Reproducibility ± 0.00004 RI* / ± 0.03 Brix
Automatic temperature compensation
Operational temperature
Temperature stability
Temperature precision
Solid state
+ 10°C to + 80°C
± 0.03°C
Scales Refractive index, temperature, Compensated  Brix corrected to 20 °C within +10 to + 40 °C
Prism YAG
Display LCD, 16 x 16 characters, back illuminated
Data output RS232 and parallel, USB option
Dimensions 225 x 360 x 150 mm
Weight 16  lbs

Ordering Information

ATR L 7 standard wavelengths 400, 436, 486, 546, 589, 656, 707 nm SH 01140
ATR LS 7 wavelengths with custom option SH 03751
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