Windmill (Vane ) type Anemometer

airflow meter
  • Mini Windmill style air velocity probe
  • Optional Windmill style water flow probe
  • Interchangeble probes
  • Optional Telescoping Probe up to 1 m
  • Programable Data Logging
  • Serial Interface
  • Min Max Value Memory
  • Hold Function
  • Averaging
  • High Speed Sampling
  • Real time Clock
  • Alarms
  • Digital Interface USB connection
  • Optional probes for RH,temperature and Dewpoint use the same meter

The GMH 33xx devices are universal precision meters that can be used with different sensors for humidity, thermometer and air and water flow and with additional Thermocouple input for surface temperature. The plug-in probes are interchangeable without recalibration, because your calibration data are on an integrated memory stick (TFS ....) or they are interchangeable by the high mechanical precision (STS ...). The thermocouple input T2 is optimized to to be able to quickly absorb surface temperatures to e.g. to display the dew point directly. This presentation is written for the air flow combination meter + vane type anemometer.

Additional Functions

  • Calculation of dew point: based upon humidity and temperature.*
  • Calculation of dew point distance: by means of a surface measurement*
  • Calculation of enthalpy - thermal content h of the air*
  • Adjustment-function for atmospheric humidity measurements*
  • NiCr-Ni-temperature measuring:
    any standard NiCr-Ni-probe (type K) can be plugged in.
    Recommendation: GOF 400 VE (p.r.t. p. 20). A compensation value can be set for surface measurement if
  • Flow measurements: Two different systems for averaging are integrated:
    - continuous averaging: the average value displayed is calculated using the last measurements during the
    averaging time set. - averaging upon request: by starting the current measuring
    value will be displayed for the averaging time. As
    soon as the time has expired the average value will be
    displayed, the device is in HOLD mode.
    - selectable averaging time: 1 ... 30 s
  • Logger function
    - manual:
    99 data sets (fetch data via buttons or interface)
    - cyclic:
    5.400 data sets (fetch data via interface)
    adjustable cycle time: 1 s … 1 h
    The logger is started or stopped by keypad or interface.
    The software GSOFT3050 (see accessories) is available
    for comfortable read-out of logger data.
  • Telescoping probe

    *with optional RH temperature probe.
  • Common Specifications

    Functions Pressure difference, Tare (zero) function, Hold function, Min/Max Alarm, Averaging, data logging, Peak value memory, real time clock.
    Measuring Range Measuring range: 0.55...20.00 m/s
    Accuracy ±20 °
    Permissable Approach Angle  
    Working Temperature 0 - 80 °C
    Relative Humidity 0- 100%RH non condensing
    Connection Cable 5m PVC cable with 6-pin Mini-DIN-plug
    Measuring Head
    D=11x15mm, tube D=15mm, total length 165mm standard, insertion opening 16mm diam.
    With option telescoping tube extendable to 1 m
    Weight of Probe 75 g
    Keypad Membrane keypad 6 buttons
    Data Logger Store data at push of a button, or programmable in intervals of 1 to 3600 seconds, maximum of 10000 data sets
    Storage Up 5400 data sets (programmable 1sec to 1 hour). 99 data sets manual
    Interface Serial interface (3.5mm jack) can be connected to USB or RS232 interface of a PC via electrically isolated interface adapter USB 3100, USB 3100 N, GRS 3100 or GRS 3105 (see accessories).
    Power Supply 9V battery, type: IEC 6F22 (included in scope of supply) as well as additional d.c. connector (diameter of internal pin 1.9 mm) for external 10.5-12V direct voltage supply. (suitable power supply: GNG10/3000) Power
    Power consumption 0.2.5 mA
    Low Battery Warning ' bAt '
    Operating Conditions -20 ... +50 °C, 0 ... 95 %RH (not condensing)
    Storage Temp -20 ... +70 °C
    Housing Impact resistant ABS
    EMC 2004/108/EG


    Ordering Information

    Model Description Price each Order Online
    GMH3350-STS20 Meter with data logging and Air Flow probe $1080.00
    TFS0100E Temperature Relative Humidity Probe $225.00
    Case Case with foam cutouts $55.00
    GTS Telescoping option for Air Velocity probe $205  
    USB310 Serial interface adapter $95.00  
    GSOFT3050 Software for setting, data readout and printing of logged Data $110.00