TankSub Wet Electroblotting for Proteins

mini electroblotting
  • Ideal for wet electro-blotting of proteins – Western blotting
  • Efficient economical design
  • Increase Capacity
  • Up to five gel blot cassettes utilised at any one time
  • Hinged cassettes for added convenience
  • Accommodates gel thicknesses from 0.25 up to 3mm
  • Cooling pad included
  • Two sizes Mini 10cm and Maxi 20 cm

Designed primarily for wet electroblotting of proteins, TankSub Electroblotters offer a combination of increased capacity with economy saving features. Both units, Mini 10 x 10cm and Maxi 20 x 20cm, have increased capacity over standard systems with up to five gel blot cassettes utilised at any one time. This is especially useful in high throughput laboratories.

A uniform electric field is provided by a high intensity coiled electrode and ensures uniform transfer across the blot surface. The cassette open architecture ensures the maximum blot area allows direct transfer of current. Its rigid construction ensures contact between the gel and membrane is retained throughout the blot and an even pressure is maintained. These units are compatible with magnetic stirrers to aid heat dispersal and prevent pH drifts in the buffer due to incomplete buffer mixing. Each system includes a cooling pack to further enhance transfer efficiency by removing excess heat. This also saves on buffer for added economy.

Specifications Model  
  EMB10 EMB20
  electroblotter Topac protien wet electroblotting for proteins Topac
Max Gel Size 10 x 10 cm 20 x 20
Gel Capacity 5 blots 10 x 10 5 blots 10 x 20
20 blots 20 x 20
Buffer Volume Min 1000ml, Max 1500ml Min 4300ml, Max 6000ml
Running Conditions 100V -1-2 h 100 V 1-2 h
Recommended Power Supply EV245  
Ordering Information Descriptions Complete Systems and Spare Components Price US$ Order
on line
EMB10 Complete Electro Blot Mini, 10 x 10cm
System including blotting insert, tank and lid, 5 cassettes
$635.00 order online
 SB10C omniBlot Mini Cassette including 2 foam pads $30.00 order on line
 SB10F Fiber Pad pack of 8 $30.00 order on line
EMB20 Complete ElectroBlot Maxi, 20 x 20cm System including tank and lid, 5
$905.00 order online
 SB20C omniPBlot Maxi Cassette includes 2 foam pads $60.00 order on line
 SB20F Fibre Pads pack of 6 $60.00 order on line