Automatic Critical Angle Refractometers
with Temperature Control

The ATR-W Series

Features of ATR-W Automatic Refractometers
  • Measurement of liquids from low to high viscosity irrespective of opacity and colour
  • Electronic and measuring devices separate
  • Peltier-thermostatisation
  • Working temperatur +10°C and +80°C
  • Date and time function
  • Display of temperature,refractive index and %Brix
  • 10 user-defi ned scales programmable

Digital automatic high performance refractometer
This  automatic microprocessor controlled critical angle refractometer is designed to measure refractive index of liquid media independent of opacity, viscosity and colour. It consists of separate electronic and measuring devices. A sample volume of 0.3 ml is sufficient for measuring. The sample is simply and easily placed by dropper or pouring onto the Peltier-thermostable sapphire prism. The prism is illuminated by long life yellow LED and the angle of total reflection is detected by diode array which guarantees high resolution and stability.

Refractometry and Concentration
Refractometers are widely used to measure the amount of dissolved substances in solutions containing mainly sucrose. The relationship between refractive index and the amount of dry substance content is well known for sucrose and is the basis of the Brix scale which is measure of the number of grams of sucrose present per 100 grams of aqueous sugar solution. (50 Brix means 50 grams of solid per 100 gm of solution) This relationship holds for a large number of similar substances and so the Brix scale is widely used in the food industry. Unfortunately the refractive index of a sugar solution changes with temperature while its solid content remains the same. ( The same refractive index at different temperatures correspond to different Brix values.)

The ATR-W1 enables to complete measurements in a quick and simple way by using splash proofed touch-in panel. It's new housing for the electronic offers more space for a bigger LCD display and an alphanumeric foil keypad. Batch numbers can be entered directly and also simple forms can be created and printed out. The %Brix is temperature corrected within +10 to +50 °C.

In the ATR W series are four difference models, they have other parameter for the measuring ranges, the resolution and the precision. Please see table "Technical details".

Example application scenario: The test lab wants to analyse the constituents of cosmetics. The temperature needed must be exactly 70°C because the substance will become solid below 65°C. With the ATR-W, No additional thermostat is needed. The customer wants to be sure that the temperature of the sample remains stable within a very small variation (0,01°C). The melting point is determined by automatically running a temperature ramp.

Applications of Refractometers include:
Chemicals Solvents, organic polymers, distilled products, solutions of inorganic compounds, pesticides, suds
Agriculture Ripeness of fruits, vegetables, beet and sugar cane.
Food Industry Yogurt, jam, fruit extract, syrup, honey coffee extract, vegetable albumen, chocolate, milk, baby food.
Beverage Industry Soft drinks, fruit juice, wine, beer,
Medical Serum, blood, urine
Pharmaceutical Essences, essential oils, aromas.
Petrochemicals Oils, fats, waxes, naphthalene, raw oils, varnishes, paints

Specifications for ATR-W Series

Measuring range: 1.33200-1.53200 RI / 0-95 Brix
Resolution: 0.00002 RI / 0.02 Brix
Precision: ±0.00004 RI /  ±0.004 Brix
Resolution temperature display: 0.01°C
Precision temperature measurement of the sample: +-0.03°C
Working temperature: +10°C to +80°C
Display: LCD, 16x16 characters
Prism: Saphire, Peltier-thermostable
Light source: 589nm LED
Detector: CCD-line with high resolution
Data output: RS232 C and parallel interface(Centronics), USB adapter optinal
Mains connection: 90-130V / 190-230V, 48-62Hz
Dimensions: Electronic device 225x360x150mm, measuring device 210x210x120mm
Weight: 8kg (complete unit)
Controls: 20 key membrane including function keys
ATR W1 plus Differences
Measuring ranges: 1.33200-1.53200 RI / 0-95 Brix
Resolution: 0.00001 RI / 0.01 Brix
Precision: ±0.00002 RI / ±0.02 Brix
ATR W2 Differences
Measuring ranges: 1.33000-1.70000 RI / 0-95 Brix
Resolution: 0.00002 RI / 0.02 Brix
Precision: ±0.00004 RI / ±0.04 Brix
ATR W2 plus Differences
Measuring ranges: 1.33000-1.70000 RI / 0-100 Brix
Resolution: 0.00001 RI / 0.01 Brix
Precision: ±0.00002 RI / ±0.02 Brix
Ordering Information
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