Rotating Vane Anemometer
with Data Logging

Comprehensive, professional grade, rotating vane anemometer with 
data logging  and turbulence indication

Features of the AL RVA series Air Velocity
flow and temperature Logger

  • Air velocity - m/sec, ft/min,
  • Airflow - m3/sec, ft3/min
  • Temperature - °C, °F
  •  Auto shut off conserves battery life
  •  Ideal combination of air velocity, volume flow and temperature
  •  Excellent accuracy with fast, effective processing power
  •  Perfect for both on-site checks and unattended monitoring
  • Simply enter area or linear dimensions to read volume flow
  • Ideal for HVAC, process control, laboratory safety, quality assurance, R & D engineers and indoor environment monitoring.
  • Articulated telescoping handle optional
Rotating Vane Anemometer
The RVA series offers a complete airflow measurement system with built in data logging. Fast accurate measurements of air velocity, volume flow and air-stream temperatures are integrated with advanced microprocessor technology to provide powerful processing and data collection. Digital outputs support direct compatibility with micro printers and WINDOWS® software. The standard unit has a 4" diameter vane.
Velocity Range  0.25 - 30 m/sec  50-6000 ft/min
Volume Range  0.002-3000 m3/sec  3.6 - 9999 ft3/min
Accuracy @ 20°C & 1013Mb 
using 100mm vane
±1% of reading ±4 ft/min 0.02 m/s)
Velocity Resolution 0.01 m/sec  2 ft/min
Temperature Range 0-60°C  32° to 140°F
Temperature Accuracy 1°C ±1digit  2°F ±1digit
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C  1°F
Area Input Range ALRVA501 0 - 16 m2  0- 173.6 ft2
Linear Input Range 0.0001 - 9999m 
(subject to area limits)
1/8" - 9999 ft
Power Supply AL RVA801 - 9 Volt Battery
AL RVA501 - 4 x 1.5 volt AA cells or AC adapter
Battery Life  40 Hrs.
Overall Dimensions AL RVA501 84 x 178 x 44 mm  3.3 x 7 x 1.8 inches, 9.6 oz
Operating Environment Ambient operating temperature range -10°C to + 50°C. 32° to 140°F
Instrument Storage temperature range  -10°C to + 60°C 14° to 140°F

AL RVA501 Data Logging version    
Memory Size 12,700 samples + 100 test IDs
Logging Interval from 1 second to 1 hour
Time Constant 1 second to 1 hour
Computer Interface USB

Optional Aircone Flow Hoods
Aircone Flow Hoods are a fast and accurate method of maximizing the usefulness of your 4-inch (100-mm) rotating
vane anemometers, turning it into an air volume flow balancing tool.

~ Rectangular and circular cones available
~ Measures volumetric flow at grilles, diffusers, and linears
~ Reads air volume quickly and accurately
~ Excellent choice for small grilles.
Ordering information Rotating Vane Anemometers
Model Operating Range (over-range) Price Order Online
AL RVA801 Standard Kit Anemometer 4" dia. rotating vane sensor, temperature, velocity, volume, reversible head, calibration certificate, soft case. $625.00
AL RVA501 Data Logging Kit Anemometer 4: dia. rotating vane sensor, temperature, velocity, reversible head, calibration certificate. Data logging. (Fits optional telescoping handle), soft case. $895.00
AL 801750 Carry case $150.00
AL 801750 Air cone kit includes circular (7.1" Diam) and rectangular (11.2 x 9.2 inch) capture hoods $330.00
AL 801761 Universal power supply $60.00
AL 801748 RV telescopic Rod ( for ALRVA501 ) $169.00

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