SERVAGel™ Precast Vertical Gels for 10 x10 cm tanks
Native Page Electrophoresis

  • Native PAGE
  • Suitable for both Blue and Clear Native PAGE
  • Available as gradient gels: 3-12 % and 4-16 %
  • Premium Resolution superb band sharpness
  • Precast polyacrylamide gels ready to use
  • Cassette mounted for 10 x10 tanks
  • Simple fast handling, no leakage
  • Long separation distance
  • Anode and Cathode marked
  • Tool provided for opening cassette
  • Individually vacuum packed
  • 10 gels per pack


SERVAGel™ precast vertical gels for mini slab gel electrophoresis are ready-to-use, polyacrylamide gels cast into unbreakable plastic cassettes. The gels are individually packed in a vacuum sealed bag.
Using the precast gels you can separate your protein samples in the presence (SDS PAGE) or absence (native PAGE) of SDS. The main benefits of SERVAGel™ precast gels are the superior separation performance, the excellent staining/destaining properties and the overall easy handling.
With the 1 mm thin gels 10, 12 or 15 samples can be analyzed, the separation distance is 7 cm. The cassette format of 10 x 10 x 0.7 cm fits perfectly into SERVA's innovative BlueVertical™ PRIME™ Mini Slab gel Unit. However, the cassette gels are as well compatible with most commercially available slab gel tanks, e. g. the mini vertical systems Mighty Small II (SE 260) and miniVE (SE 300) from Hoefer.

Native Page

The analysis of protein samples is often performed by SDS PAGE. Due to the denaturing conditions, this method is not suitable to analyse multi-protein com - plexes. Native proteins can be analysed by Blue or Clear Native PAGE

Blue Native (BN) PAGE

• Substitution of the denaturing detergent SDS by SERVA Blue G (Cat. No. 35050) or Coomassie Brilliant Blue G250 (Cat. No. 17524) • Formation of negatively charged protein-dye com plexes without changing the native protein structure
• Isoelectric point (pI)-independent migration of the protein-dye complexes towards the anode at physiological pH

Peforming Blue Native gel electrophoresis, the detergent SDS is substituted by Coomassie Brilliant Blue G250/SERVA Blue G. This dye is also negatively charged. Dye -binding to proteins leads to negatively charged protein dye complexes. The native structure of the proteins is preserved because the dye does not act as a detergent. At physiological pH, the protein-dye- complexes migrate pI -independently towards the anode. The repulsion between the negatively charged protein dye complexes leads to a high selectivity.

Clear Native (CN) PAGE

• No use of anionic dyes
• pH-dependent net charge of proteins determines the migration within the electric field
• Separation of proteins with pI < 7 at physiological pH
• method of choice if subsequent analysis are dye-sensitive

Properties of SERVAGel Neutral for Vertical Electrophoresis
Material Acrylamide / N,N’ - Methylenbisacrylamide
Composition SERVA Gel ™ TG PRiME™ gels are offered at various acrylamide concentrations (T). The gels contain no SDS .
Acrylamide Concentration (T)

3-13% / 4-16%,

Cross Linker Concentration(C) 2.6%
Dimensions separation gel Length 7 cm x width 8 cm
Thickness of gel layer 1 mm
Outer dimensions 10 cm x 10 cm
Number of sample wells 10, or 15
Sample Volume per well 50 μl for 10 wells, 20μl for 15 wells
Recommended storage temp +2 to +8 °C
Shelf life 12 months

Ordering Information SERVAGel™ Vertical Native Precast Gels

The precast gel SERVAGel™ N 4 - 16, 3-12 can be operated with the Blue and Clear Native buffer systems. Also included in the SERVAGel™ N Native Starter Kit (cat. no. 43204) containing buffers and reagents for Blue and Clear Native gel electrophoresis

SERVAGel™ N Separation Range Qty Cat No Price $US
SERVAGel™ N 3-12 %, 10 samples 6.5 up to 200 kDa 10 gels 43251.01 $175.00
SERVAGel™ N 3-12 %, 15 samples 6.5 up to 200 kDa 10 gels 43254.01 $175.00
SERVAGel™ N 4-16 %, 10 samples 6.5 up to 200 kDa 10 gels 43252.01 $175.00
SERVAGel™ N 4-16 %, 15 samples 6.5 up to 200 kDa 10 gels 43255.01 $175.00