SERVAGel™ Precast Vertical Gels for 10 x10 cm tanks
Ready to use Tris-Glycine Gels for 2D

  • Single 2D Well
  • Premium Resolution superb band sharpness
  • Precast polyacrylamide gels ready to use
  • Cassette mounted for 10 x10 tanks
  • Simple fast handling, no leakage
  • Long separation distance
  • Tool provided for opening cassette
  • Individually vacuum packed
  • Acrylamide concentrations 12%,14% 8-16%
  • 10 gels per pack


SERVAGel™ precast vertical gels for mini slab gel electrophoresis are ready-to-use, polyacrylamide gels cast into unbreakable plastic cassettes. The gels are individually packed in a vacuum sealed bag.
Using the precast gels you can separate your protein samples in the presence (SDS PAGE) or absence (native PAGE) of SDS. The main benefits of SERVAGel™ precast gels are the superior separation performance, the excellent staining/destaining properties and the overall easy handling.
Obtained from proprietary development, the precast gel SERVAGel™ TG PRiME™ 14 % features an extended shelf life and short electrophoresis times by using a standard Tris/Glycine buffer system. The 2D gel has one very planar slot for optimum transfer of proteins in the second dimension. For the first dimension IPG strips of 7 cm length can be used. The separation distance is 7 cm

Properties of SERVAGels for 2D
Material Acrylamide / N,N’ - Methylenbisacrylamide
Composition SERVA Gel ™ TG PRiME™ gels are offered at various acrylamide concentrations (T). The gels contain no SDS .
Acrylamide Concentration (T) 12 %, 14 % & 8-16%
Dimensions separation gel Length 7 cm x width 8 cm
Thickness of gel layer 1 mm
Outer dimensions 10 cm x 10 cm
Number of sample wells 1 2D Well
Recommended storage temp +2 to +8 °C
Shelf life 12 months

Ordering Information SERVAGel™ Precast Gels

pH Range / sample wells   Qty Cat No Price $US
SERVAGel™ TG PRiME™ 12 % 2D   10 gels 43268.01 $200.00
SERVAGel™ TG PRiME™ 14 % 2D   10 gels 43271.01 $200.00
SERVAGel™ TG PRiME™ 8-16% 2D   10 gels 43281.01 $200.00